Hot Phone Sex

hot phone sex

I love me some hot phone sex that is for sure it is so much fun! I love when a man makes me get on my knees and orders me to suck their cocks! It gets me so excited that I beg him to grab me by the back of my head and fuck my throat harder and harder. As he is doing that to me he starts to call me very dirty names like fucking whore and bitch. As he does that it makes my pussy so damn wet. I love when he does that to me.


Soon as I feel myself getting soaking wet I reach down between my legs and begin to rub. I rub my clit so hard that I start to cum all over my fingers. I look up at him as I am cumming, although I do not stop sucking that lovely big cock of his. That is when I feel him start to cum hard in the back of my throat! I swear sucking dick is so fucking hot. He begged me to let him fuck my tight little pussy but I refused. Only because I wanted him to fuck my throat hard and deep! Fuck me harder make me your little fucking whore now! I want to be your nasty girl.


Do you think you can handle a cock sucking whore like me? I hope so because I am going to have you cumming so hard and fast when we talk. I want you to make me cum hard as well. As you tell me how I am going to be your bukkake fucking whore. Now do not keep me waiting anymore call me and let’s get off together now! My pussy is hot as hell do not wait for any longer baby!

HOT phone sex

Stranger Phone Sex

stranger phone sex


I had never had stranger phone sex before, but that all changed tonight when I had to get a little bit of shopping done. I was bending over getting a box of macaroni off the bottom shelf. When I noticed the guy standing behind me lean over at the same time. I looked back at him and asked if he liked what he saw. He blushed a little and just kept walking, he was sexy as hell. I kept shopping and everywhere I turned he was standing there looking at me. Decided that I had had enough of him just staring at me during Stranger Phone Sex.

I walked over to him and whispered in his ear if you like what you see meet me in the stock room. I was in the stock room waiting for a few minutes when he walked in. He did not say anything; he just looked at me. I asked him what he was looking at, did he like it or something. He blushed a little and just smiled. I grabbed him by his cock and said that is okay no names needed. I pulled his cock out and sucked on it till it was nice and hard for me. He was a nice strong guy, so I jumped up into his arms and wrapped my legs around him. The stranger turned around and pushed my back up against the wall and thrust himself inside of me. Holding me up as he pounded my cunt like it had never been fucked before.


As I was checking out at the register, I noticed the stranger staring at me again. As I was leaving to my car, I walked by him and whispered to him same time next week. He smiled and blushed again. Isn’t that hot knowing you can fuck someone and never have to tell them a damn thing about you!

stranger phone sex

Adult Baby Girl Phone Sex

adult baby girl phone sex


Awwww my poor adult baby girl l, Mommy knows you have been having such a hard time lately and been weepy and all through the day. That must be why you have been so good doing what I tell you all the time and being Mommy’s little angel. Let’s get you changed out of that Wet Diaper and then Mommy will get you all nice and clean so you can feel all cute and adorable again and we will chase that sadness away.

Open up so mommy can put your cute little My Little Pony Fluttershy in your mouth. There that should soothe you a bit and keep you happy while I undo the tapes on this wet diaper so we can get you all nice and clean. A nice dusting of powder, once we use the wet wipes, will get you smelling like my angel again. Now into a nice clean diaper and you’re cute my little pony pinkie baby onesie for the night, I think. All nice and cosy I’ll cuddle you in my lap and read you your favourite story as you drift off to sleep.

I know you and I can have so much fun together. We can get wild and wild together. I really hope that you do not keep me waiting very long. I just hope that you are in your diaper for me and ready to play. Make sure that you have your onesies on and maybe even your pacifier in your mouth please baby! Let’s have some fun! I am hot and ready for you right now! Call me and let me cuddle you and read you your favourite story. Kisses And Hugs my darling little one! Mommy is waiting to have some fun with you!

adult baby girl phone sex

Squirting Phone Sex

squirting phone sex

Everyone knows how enjoyable squirting phone sex can be with a BBW. Call me and become one of the luckiest men. Call me and allow me to use you for my squirting needs. I want to yank you into my bedroom by your cock. Force you to strip naked and lay on your back. Your head draped off the bed. I am going to sit on your face, thumbing over my clit and forcefully fucking my cunt with three fingers. I want to ooze all over you with my hairy cunt. Open your mouth and close your eyes. I pray you can hold your breath because I am going to suffocate you for a while.


Feel that clit in your mouth, my juices running down your chin. Fuck, I am not sure whether I have to piss or squirt. Oh well, it doesn’t matter. Either way, you are going to ingest all of my bodily fluids. You better be damn lucky I allow you so close to the honeypot. Most men live their entire lives without receiving the pleasure you are getting. It’s okay, go ahead and jerk your pathetic cock. I want you to shoot your load all over your hand. Get ready for some cum eating phone sex.


I want you to digest that nasty, thick spunk while I grind my cunt all over your face. Don’t misbehave. Just do what you are told to. I may need to take hot shit too. Trust me when I say you will be my little scat phone sex lover, or else. I will tell everyone what a pathetic loser you are. I am certain your wife already knows what a loser you are, but I doubt she knows that you call me to get your kinks worked out. Do you want me to tell her? Rat you out as the pervert you really are? If you don’t, I suggest you call me and let’s get this squirting phone sex call underway.

squirting phone sex

Shemale Phone Sex

shemale phone sex

Yeah, I am a shemale and so what don’t tell me that when you see me walking down the street you don’t look at me it’s just like you look at other girls. I’m just as sexy if not sexier than any bitch walking around this neighbourhood. But I just have the best of both worlds with me you can have your cake and eat it too.


I’ve actually even had people get jealous of me because they find out that their boyfriends are their girlfriends are treating me because of me you get the tits the dick and the sweet little juicy ass you can play with. Oh and let’s not forget my mouth because I would love to get down on my hands and knees put my ass up so you can play with it and put my mouth up next to your cock and suck it till it is dry until all that sweet cum, just shoots all down my throat. I want to become your nasty little fucking shemale cum slut.

So now why don’t you give me a call and think about yourself being on your knees sucking my cock while you’re able to reach me grab my ass and squeeze? I know we could have so much fun together because while you suck my cock I’ll suck yours too just because I have a dick doesn’t mean that I still don’t like to suck hard fucking hard fucking hard fucking cock still. I even like to have all my holes filled what pounds of cream. So stop acting like you wouldn’t enjoy it I just pick the phone up and give me a call and let’s fuck and suck baby. If you are into shemale or tranny phone sex, call me! I know we will be able to rock each other’s world.

shemale phone sex

Hardcore Accomplice Phone Sex

hardcore accomplice phone sex


The twisted house that I grew up in would have made anyone get into some hardcore accomplice phone sex. I grew up watching my damn bring his little toys home and doing unbelievable things to them in front of me. He would sometimes tie me up and make me watch. At first, it was so upsetting who would want to do something like that. No one you would think. But boy is you wrong. The first time I watched, as my dad sit there doing all kinds of things to his little toy my pussy got so wet that I begged my dad to please untie me so that I could play with her too. He thought I just meant to play but that is not what I meant at all I wanted to fuck her up just like my daddy was doing.

It became an addiction phone sex issue with me after that night. I could not get it off my mind. My daddy said he could not go out and do it on his own he did not want to get caught.So, I knew just what I needed to do. I needed to go hunting for my daddy and I and find us little toys to play with at least once a week.. I wanted them more than my daddy did. But, he won’t tell you that he wanted me to stop. He could not resist either.


That is how I became an accomplice phone sex girl. My daddy taught me well don’t you think? Wouldn’t you love to have a daughter like me that would go out for you and hunt your little toys for you just so that you two could have some fun together? No taboo hot phone fun is something that I love. Do you think you can handle these twisted things that I am into?

hardcore accomplice phone sex

Black Studs Phone Sex

black stud phone sex

I believe that girls like me should only have sex with huge black studs.  If you want to hear how many black pile-drivers I am fucking right now, we can discuss it when you call for interracial phone sex. I will tell you how those black bulls just take me and how rough they are and how much I love it.  I don’t think I can go back to fucking white men because my pussy is getting used by these Mandingo monster cocks and white dicks would feel so dwarf sized.  Plus, I love the look of a black man’s skin against my pale skin and how hot a big black cock looks while it’s thrusting in and out of my pink pussy or my slutty mouth.


Interracial phone sex used to be so taboo and in some parts of the country, it still is. I don’t care how taboo it is. Then I love to watch BBC porn and imagine. That I’m one of the interracial sex pornstars who loves big black cocks.  I am addicted to black cock.I feed my addiction all the time.  I give up all my holes and love to be filled with black men’s cum because it’s thicker and creamier and they shoot so much more cum than white men.  They are sexually superior and their bodies are amazing.


Why do you think so many hot white girls are with black men and having their babies?  Let’s get into some nasty interracial phone sex right now.  I have a big black dildo I love to use when anyone calls. I am aching to be filled by some big black cock phone sex lover boys! Call me now let’s have some hot fucking fun!

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Nipple Torture Phone Sex

nipple torture phone sex


Today my alcoholic whore sister found her way into my dungeon of pain and so I offered her some nipple torture phone sex. She is so submissive that she would do anything for a taste of alcohol. I was more than happy to oblige her addiction. First thing I did was strap her to my table, that is when the pain and fun could begin. I grabbed my leather paddle and began to paddle her nipples. 10 on the left nipple and then 10 on the right nipple. At first she didn’t make much noise, but the harder I paddled the louder she got.

I started to pinch her nipples until they became red and swollen. That is when you want to clamp down those nipple devices. Her nipples started to swell and I could see red blood blisters forming. There is nothing like a little extreme pain phone sex to get me all hot and bothered. I chained up to a few weights to the nipple clamps and they pulled her tits even harder. I grabbed my whip and started to paddle her pussy while tears streamed down her face. I knew she would do anything for the pain to subside. I grabbed a bottle of vodka and started to pour some down her throat. The more liquor she had in her system, the more submissive she became.


She started to cry out in pain, her nipples were stretched and long. I pulled off the clamps and bent down towards her chest. I let my fist find her pussy hole. I began fisting her gaping pussy as I bit down on each nipple. Moving my teeth side to side in a saw-like fashion. I wanted her to know what real pain was. She was bleeding from all parts of her body. I knew that there would be more fun in store with her during nipple torture phone sex.

nipple torture PHONE SEX

Incest Phone Sex

incest phone sex


Hi daddy, do you sneak into my room at night for some incest phone sex fun? Come on you can admit it to me. Yes, I promise it will be our little secret forever. I will never tell anyone how naughty you really are. Things you do in my bedroom at night. You walk over to me and look at your beautiful little angel thinking about what naughty little things you can do to me. I lay there watching you as you walk over to my dress with a perverted thought on your mind.

I see you, daddy, pulling our my panties and putting them up to your nose to sniff them. Do you smell my sweet little pussy daddy? Your cock is so hard it is throbbing now as you think of all the perverted things you could do to your little girl’s tiny body. You are craving for some pedo phone sex right now aren’t you daddy? It is the okay daddy I know you are in my bedroom as I lay there holding my little teddy bear you got me, I look up at you and want you to come over here and play with my little bald pussy.

Look at your tiny little angel’s body laying there. Open my legs daddy and look at my pretty little legs, that’s right let all those perverted thoughts come out. Slide your sweet girls’ panties down and sniff them as your little girl lays there. As she watches you stroke that big daddy cock in front of me. I just wish you would bring that throbbing hard cock over to me and let’s have some incest phone sex fun together daddy. Daddy I promise not to tell anyone it will be our little secret.

incest phone sex

Young Lover Phone Sex

young lover phone sex

It has been quite a while since I have blogged about young lover phone sex. Just recently I broke off an affair with a married man. He was, gosh, I’d say 25 years older than I was. He loved the fact that I was a young, sweet gal that had the sexual desire of a lioness. I loved having sex with him anywhere he wanted me. I was at his beck and call. If he called me from the office, I was there in minutes. This man was the best sex that I had ever had. The way he owned me, it was like nothing I have ever felt before.


Do you know what that is like? To have the most mind-blowing sensual phone sex experience? Have you ever been the cheater in an affair? You know how hot it is when your lover is laying next to his wife or her husband, but they are secretly thinking of you. The same rule applies to my phone sex nowadays. I am in love with the fact that a man needs to sneak away to have an intense, passionate call. Allow me to be the girl that you get away with. Close your eyes while you are in bed with your wife and imagine it’s me holding you. Stroking your cock and massaging your balls.


Does your wife do these things for you? His wife didn’t either, its why he found me. He would often sneak me into his pool house, after her and the kids were long asleep. It is crazy to think that he was sleeping with me, all while having kids my age. I can’t imagine what it must have been like for him to slide himself inside of me while thinking about his daughter my age. I wonder if he ever imagined that I was his daughter. Maybe he had a fantasy that his daughter was his young lover phone sex equal!

young lover phone sex

Shoe Fetish Phone Sex

shoe fetish phone sex

I really do enjoy shoe fetish phone sex, because I believe there is no quicker way for me to assert my dominance over my men and put them in their place. I tower over those clit dick losers with my big tits. Then I slip my thick feet into my sexy heels. My chunky legs look so sexy in those shoes. My fat tits sticking out, making you drool. Start to crawl around on the floor, begging for just a taste of my feet. You know you aren’t anywhere close to my level. You will be at my feet worshipping me while the real men are ploughing my pussy with their big dicks.


My little foot fetish freak isn’t worthy of anything but submissiveness and cuckold phone sex. You have a very important job slut. You are responsible for keeping my sexy feet clean at any cost. Oh, but I have stepped in something on the way to see you. I have dirty feet, get down there and suck me clean. Oh yes, turn me on and make my pussy drip when you suck between those toes. Every inch of filth belongs in your mouth and not on me.


Keep going slut, I want you sucking my feet clean. No spitting it out either. You are to worship every inch of my filth and swallow it in gratefulness. Are you grateful slut? Be thankful that I am even allowing you this close to me. I am a humiliation phone sex goddess just aching to make you feel like a pathetic little loser. Keep going, do as much as you possibly can to keep me happy and you will never find someone as good as me to enjoy shoe fetish phone sex.

shoe fetish phone sex

Sissy Baby Phone Sex

sissy phone sex


Listen up you sissy baby Mommy is done with your little accidents! Now it’s time to make sure you don’t have them again! So you want to know what I am going to do with you? I am going to take you into your little nursery room, strip off all your clothes, bend you over my knee, and give you 30 smacks with the paddle, making you count every one of them. Next, I think it’s time your little bottom gets a well-deserved enema. Yes, it will hurt as I stretch you out a bit with my finger, then two fingers.

Once you are nice and full I’ll take you and lay you’re down on your bed and slide a nice comfy diaper underneath your bottom. As you whine and cry and try to pull away I’ll tell you “you better stop now you a little sissy or you’re going to get more smacks with Mommy’s special sissy paddle”. You’ll stop moving and I’ll finish placing the diaper on you. Then I’ll slide a pretty purple onesie over your head and arms and I’ll fasten it into place.

Then I’ll take a bib and place it on you so you don’t make a mess all over yourself. Now it’s time to feed you some nice Gerber baby food peas. Want to know what else I am going to do to you? Call me for some phone sex. I promise I will tell you all the naughty things I am going to do with mommy’s little sissy baby. I know you are going to hate being punished for all the bad things I am sure you are going to enjoy one of them when I get all those big cocked guys in the room for you to please do you think you can handle that?

sissy phone sex