Anything Goes Phone Sex


That other sweet party doesn’t have anything compared to this sweet 18 party it’s an anything goes one. I’m sure you’re wondering why it’s so much better than the other one while you’re at the legal age, and you can do anything that you please without having to ask your parents. You can have the wildest party you want..


That’s what my friends are doing for me for this birthday party. They rented the motel rooms and invited a bunch of guys over. They said that there was no need for me not having any fun. When getting fucked by a lot of guys at the same time would be the best sweet teen party you could ever have. I’m looking forward to it myself and all of my friends are going to fuck and suck all night, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. I know my dad is special would be very disappointed in me but oh well he needs to understand that I have a goal, but I’m trying to meet another to sleep with over a hundred guys by the time I’m 21. So that’s three more years away do you think I can make it?

I guarantee that I can make it because I love to suck and fuck. I am the nastiest cum slut you could ever meet the more cum I get, the better off I am. The more cum I have my in my holes, the happier I am. So if you like girls who like to become cum dumpsters give me a call and fill me up with your cum. I will never turn down dick no matter the size or shape. I love anything that can squirt out cum! So call me and let’s have some fun talking about you giving me cum shots and don’t forget to tell me about your friends too

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Cougar Phone Sex

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Cougar phone sex always makes me so happy. I love seeking out a hot young man, especially a man who has yet to experience all the things I can teach him, and use to seduce him. I get so excited knowing that he has no idea what it is he is getting himself into.


Of course, I am the one who takes control once I get him right where I want him. Surely you wouldn’t expect anything else. He may have never experienced sensual domination or any kind of sex before, really, but he will soon learn that he won’t be able to get enough of it when I’m the one who is dishing it out. I always make it his job to please me first. What would be the point of cougar phone sex if I am not being pleased? But after that, I like to toy with him a bit, bringing him to the brink of an orgasm over and over until he understands just who is in charge.

I like to jerk him off just to see how long it takes him to cum and then how long it takes him to get hard again, and how many times he can get it up. I like to find out how sensitive his nipples are or even perhaps a little experimentation with pain play. Oh, and prostate play, too, of course. It can be a little humiliating, but I’m so good with my long fingers and my hands. I can be a very stimulating experience, to say the least. Call me now and let’s go ahead and have some fun together I promise you will be very satisfied.

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Experienced Woman Phone Sex


Being that I am an experienced Phone Sex whore, I love it when I can explore that sexual side in me in a big tit phone sex call. The thought of having a nice barely legal hot cock rubbing up against them really turns me on. The thoughts and fantasies that we can explore during our call are very erotic to me. I desire and crave my tongue worshipping that cock, makes this mature pussy get so heated. Can’t you just imagine me twisting and pinching at these hard erect big tits and nipples?


The thoughts racing thru my head when you mention how bad you want me to wrap my experienced lips around your young cock. Don’t you want all those things from a mature older woman, that knows just how to please? I do enjoy fucking young cock! I will show you just how it’ done, I know you have contemplated having phone sex, But why not when it’s from the best. Nothing would excite me more knowing how turned on you will get watches my big tits bounce. So lay there relax and watch why a young boy craves a mature older female. Reach up and hold onto them, fondle and suck them in our big tit phone sex call. The nurturing side comes to play when you suckle from them as the grown baby you are. MMM tease them, suck on them, arouse my pink hard nipples!!! “I crave Cum and more Cum” share it with me, rub it all over this sweet mature pussy… Oral sex and mutual masturbation are one of the finer things in life,

You are learning from the best. Slide that index finger and feel this wet juicy cunt, running down, for you to rub on your cock, and start cock stroking it. I can see you are a quick learner. I do see your most favorite part of me is now showed between your cheeks, and you nurse and suckle on those big tits of mine, working that young cock of yours in between them. Then I get so heated and turned on and explore with you in some mutual masturbation, and finish off cumming all over in what I call the most beautiful big tits phone sex call ever!! So hurry to grab that phone so we can get this heated up.

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Cum Whore Phone Sex with Allie

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Hello there guys ready to cum please this hot sexy Cum Whore Phone Sex slut. Don’t pay attention to my husband over in the corner. He will be having fun jerking his dick.
He can’t help but watch he knows his wife loves strange cock. Did you bring a hot friend to help fill my holes. He likes to see men control and get rough with his sexy bitch. I know you’ll have a hard time staying away from this hot juicy pussy. You might even want to work the sweaty ass at the same time. I know you’re going to want to make me take that hard cock of yours and your friends. I promise you’ll want to come back again and again you won’t leave unsatisfied. Make me want that hard cock of yours and your buddies.
The kinkier and rougher the better the fuck will be. As your friend eats my amazing pussy.
You can slide you’re big fat cock into my mouth. Just passed my tongue into my throat. Making that gagging sound that little choking on the head in my throat. You’re making me want that hard cock. Your friend rolls me over to my knees. Slapping big head on my pussy. His big fat head plows into that tight hot hole. You spit on that ass and slap it with your hand. Oh how it stings so good. He slams it into my ass so thick and big. It rams me down on to your cock almost taking your balls with it. As you proceed to rip my sexy little tight ass open.
I can’t help that want more of your strange cox moaning out nothing but real pleasure. Glancing at my husband I can see his jerking frantically while his cum whore phone sex slut gets totally taken advantage of. The two strange dick start tag-teaming me. I can only ride them harder and harder as it feels so amazing I can’t stop. All I want is for them to give me creamy loads of cum. I can’t hold back I shoot a load. It’s so much it shoots out all over their shafts and balls. I still want more I shoot two more loads before I let them bust their nuts. Leaving them so drained and creamy they had to stop and force my husband to clean the creamy mess.

Don’t worry this Cum Whore Phone Sex slut is ready to drain you completely make you cum back for more.

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So you’re fucking your wife or girlfriend and you can’t get the thought of a big, juicy cock out of your mind. It’s time hotty, time for you to have that Taboo Phone Sex and get you some cock.
Look at my picture and imagine having hot, anal sex with a woman who has a beautiful body and a big, throbbing cock.
You know you want to feel my dick in your mouth and lick my gorgeous, tight asshole. You know you want me to run my tongue up and down your virgin ass and get it wet so I can slip my big cock into your anal hole and make you my cum bucket. Face it, you want me to fuck you.
I want to take your virgin ass and let you feel my big tits slapping against your back while my balls slap against your thighs. I want to make you my cum eating slave and dominate you while you wear my lingerie, panty boy. You need to be dominated and to worship me like the goddess that I am.
Quit denying it and call me, slut, I want to take you. I want you to give me the best damn Taboo Phone Sex I’ve ever had, and quench your thirst for cock, bitch.
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Age Play Phone Sex with Amber Skye

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Okay daddy, its time for you to call me for age play phone sex. Don’t think I don’t see you sneaking a peek at me while I am in the bathtub. Do you enjoy your little underage daughter’s sweet bald cunt and flat little chest splashing in the bathtub? Why don’t you come in and wash me up, daddy? I won’t tell mommy when you reach down and wash my little clitty. Tug on my clitty with your fingers and give me chills all over.

Maybe you can get into the bath with me to daddy. Climb in naked and let me wash down that big daddy cock. Do you enjoy feeling your paedophile cock being stroked by tiny hands? My tiny voice will have you precumming in my hands in no time daddy. Let me jerk you while you finger me in the bathtub. Oh, I love ageplay phone sex with my dirty old daddies. It will always be our little secret every time we play. Pull me on to you daddy. Spread my legs and wrap them around your waist.

Feel your paedophile cock pressing against my pussy daddy. My tight little hole is aching for you to push into me. Please daddy, my clit is on fire. I am so wet and horny for my daddy’s cock. Push into me daddy, slide deep into me and hold it there! I want to feel the head of your cock pushing into my underage pussy. Feel the head of your cock pushing against my little cervix. Are you getting close daddy? To blowing inside of your daughter’s cunt. I want you to empty that baby batter deep into me daddy. Cum inside of your age play phone sex princess tonight! Call me now, please hurry!

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Pantyhose Fetish Phone Sex

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Why don’t you fuck me in my pantyhose fetish phone sex call? I love it. I also love it when daddy and I get together once mommy goes to work. He will come into my room and sit on his bed. Takes his pants off and just gently strokes himself while he watches me change into my pantyhose. It makes me feel special that he buys me all of these tights and panties to have dress up phone sex in. Don’t you like it, daddy, when you see me in the clothes that you bought me?

I want you to reach out to me while I am dancing in front of you in my stockings. Reach out and slide your hands up between my legs. Beg for my sweet underage pussy. That will definitely turn me on to your incest phone sex fantasy! I will wear whatever will get your big pedo dick hard. When you are nice and hard, your baby girl will do whatever it takes to get you off. Lay me down and lick my baby girl cunt. Slurp at my bald clit and show me how much you want me! I assure you I want you just as badly as you want me!


Do you want me to be your barely legal phone sex slut tonight? Do what daddy needs to be done, since mommy isn’t doing it for you. I will do whatever daddy tells me to do! You want me to bend over while I am in my stockings so you can fuck me all night long, consider it done! Oh, daddy I just want that big hot load in my bald cunt. I am aching to feel the touch of my daddy. No other man will ever compare to my daddy and the way he makes his little girl feel during pantyhose phone sex.

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Adult Babies Phone Sex with Kellie Mitchelle

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Well good morning all my little adult babies and diaper lovers! I hope you are staying warm and cozy in your diapers and onesies. What a strange winter it has been…normally Nanny has been out and about, hitting the slopes a few times by now. But with the lack of snow, it means I’ve had to come up with lots of indoor fun to have, for both me and my AB and DLs!

Here in the nursery, we love to play all sort of games. This weekend we spent lots and lots of time taking all of the pillows and blankets and stuffed toys from all over the house and we all worked together to build a super cool fort! I didn’t remember to snap any pictures, but here is a super cool fort we want to build next time! Here is a little secret from Nanny. Inside a pillow fort is so quiet and private, the perfect place for your Nanny to show you lots of fun adult games and not caught…it’s one of my favourite places to give super special diaper changes and to show you how you can make Nanny feel special too…

What type of games would you like to have with Nanny? I’d love to play them with you. Call me now and let me tell you and show you all the games I have in mind for us. I know one where we can both get all dressed up in our cute little diapers and dance around for one another. We will drink lots of water until we both cannot hold our pee anymore. But, whoever pee in their diaper first loses. Are you going to be the loser or am I? Call me now baby!

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Phone Sex Line Fun with Miss latex Mama

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I was on the phone with this new guy. It was his first time calling a phone sex line and he was so shy that he was reluctant to tell me about his love for watersports. After a little persuasion though he finally let it all out. He said he really enjoys a girl who can play with her until she squirts her juices all over the place. Well since it was his first time calling  I  didn’t want to disappoint him! So I told him about the big cock I had right beside me. He seemed very excited when I told him about how I can use it to make myself squirt all of my juices when I cum.


He also confessed to me that he loves to see a girl pissing madly all over herself as she is cumming I am not shy about letting all of my juices flow and It just so happened that I had not taken a piss for a while.  So I told him that I would love to use my dildo while he stroked his cock and listened to me please my wet pussy.


I could hear him stroking his hard cock as I got closer to letting all my warms juices flow. It wasn’t long until I could feel myself getting so close to squirting. Soon I got to the point that  I couldn’t hold it back any longer and I gushed all my cum and warm golden piss all over my quivering body. It wasn’t long until I could hear him orgasming on the other end of the phone. Now give me a call so we can talk more about all this fun that I have had. I will be waiting to get wet and wild with you!


Lesbian Phone Sex with Rayleen



I have to tell you about the dream I had all about Lesbian Phone Sex So okay, here I was at the bar. I was sipping on my mojito, checking out a few much older men across the room. When this woman comes up and sits beside me. She was gorgeous, but I was not interested in being with a woman. I just never found women to be attractive or sexy to me. But she certainly had it in for me. She was all over me giggling and whispering naughtiness.


I guess I was slipped something in my drink because, after a while, she had me on the dance floor. Bumping and grinding against my pussy. I knew I would be in trouble when I looked at her chest and fell in love with Big Tits Phone Sex. I was so jealous of how big her tits were compared to mine. Just wanted to touch them, I wanted to feel her nipples fill my mouth. Right there on the dance floor, I didn’t care who watched me.

Putting my mouth on her neck, I started to suck gently. Yea baby, I am not lesbian but I wanted her mouth all over me. She took me by the hand and drug me to the bathroom. Pushed me up against the wall and ripped my panties down. She slammed her fingers into my really wet pussy and finger fucked me till I was squirting all over her hands and face. Then she took her panties down and pushed my mouth against her hairy cunt. Oh man, the feeling of a clit in my mouth. I had never known such joy til now. I knew I would be in trouble in this Lesbian Phone Sex Dream

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Family Fun Phone Sex with Sophia Snow



You wake up in the middle of the night hungry, so you
stumble still a little sleepy into the kitchen. Suddenly
you are wide awake when you catch a sight of your mother bent over in her sexy panties and lacy purple bra in front of the fridge also looking for something to eat.Meanwhile your just standing there staring and your cock starts to get hard. You know you always wanted to fuck your mom. Ever since you
saw her in the shower a few nights back. I know what
your thinking I want me some Family Fun Phone Sex

Suddenly mommy looks over and sees you staring and
also sees your rock hard cock. 

Come on son let’s get
that taken care of. ” I say as I point toward that
hard prick of yours.I lead you into the bedroom and to the bed. Mommy
takes off your shirt,then those,tight blue boxers as
you crawl into bed. I start to slowly stroke that hard
dick eventually getting faster and faster to get it
nice and rock hard.

Once that cock is hard I stop, Take off my sexy panties
practice your Oral Pleasure Phone Sex like the
good son that you are. Flicking that tongue over
top my clit watching me squirm and moan. I pull
you up off my dripping pussy. You help me get my bra
off by clipping the back as the straps slide off my
shoulders and then it falls to the floor. I pull you
toward me and you go and suck on my nipples.”Stick
your throbbing teenage cock in my waiting pussy!”
You stick your teenage cock in my wet mommy pussy. “Oh
yes mom it feels so good!” “Don’t stop son don’t stop!”
As we both climax together. After that we cuddle up together
and fall fast asleep. ” Don’t tell your dad about this.”
“Yes mommy. I wanna do this again tomorrow.”
“we will see honey” I say with a chuckle as we both drift
off to sleep.

If this makes your cock hard then definitely call in
and have some Incest Phone Sex with me!

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Submissive Phone Sex Fantasies


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Hey, there all you submissive phone sex boys! I am demanding that you all call me right now to dominate phone sex. When men call me  I command as well as dominate my expectations. And of course, all of the attention I desire. I will always get everything I need and desire. I will take whatever means necessary to get the desired results. You sissy boy’s and cuckold men had better get ready for some hardcore twisted humiliation phone sex. For all of you men who are really nasty little closet faggots


. I will fuck you real hard with my big nine-inch strap-on cock toy and by the time I’m done with your man pussy, it will be so sore and red and very stretched out. You will definitely be begging and pleading for me to stop. I won’t stop though, only when I have had enough and am satisfied will I stop. And, guess what?  All that will do is make me be a nastier more wicked bitch. I will punish you severely and give your ass a spanking that will bring tears to your eyes when you remember it but I will be laughing the entire time.


Torture phone sex is also a speciality of mine as well as CBT and cock teasing. I am a true mistress with lots of twists and turns and full of many surprises. So all you pathetic weirdos need to watch out. I will soon own your mind body and soul while you are on a phone sex call with me. I truly have no limits and will give you a quality phone sex session that you will not forget. Dial your mistress right now for a fucking good time!

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