Cuckold Phone Sex

cuckold phone sex


I have been looking for a big black cock to please my wife since I am here cuckold phone sex slave. I really love watching her when she is with other men. Really I can not even begin to describe the way that it makes me feel. The first time I walked in on her with another man it made me so fucking hard. My cock began to throb and was hard as a rock. That is when I told her that I wanted to start watching them together and that I was not mad at all.

She was all excited especially since I said I wanted to see a BBC phone sex guy going deep inside of her. I told her I wanted to watch him pound away at her pussy. I wanted him to fuck her harder than she had ever been fucked before. She told me she was already about to cum just thinking about it. I decided that I was going to make things a little more exciting for her! Then I took her shopping and picked out the hottest little half top and mini skirt I could for her. I even told her to not wear panties to the club we were going to that night.

We got to the club and instantly she was surrounded by a group of black men. I thought that she would just pick one to be with. Before I knew it though she was in the car with them. She took them back to our place where she did not even ask me before she took them to our room. She was on her hands and knees getting pounded in each and every hole hard. Man, how I am going to love being a cuckold for my wife.

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Anything Goes Phone Sex

anything goes phone sex

I would love to have an anything goes phone sex conversation with you to make your cock tease phone sex fantasy cum true. I’ll use my youthful looks and my sexy young girl phone sex voice to tease and deny your cock into one hot and throbbing orgasm, are you a role play phone sex conversation, one where I’m your co-ed fuck toy, the little pre-teen phone sex slut you keep on the side to satisfy pedo phone sex desires. I’m your neighbour’s little daughter that keeps sneaking over to your house when your wife and kids are gone. When I knock on your door I’m dressed in my skimpy cheerleader uniform, I wear it just to cock tease you.


You stutter as you greet me, your hands start to sweat and your cock grows hard. I smile and swing my hips as I walk to the couch and sit down. When you sit next to me and put your arms around my shoulder, I jump up and giggle as I shake my head, no. I know I’m a tease. I use my softest high pitched voice and shyly ask what are you doing? You get up and grab me by the shoulders and tell me I’m a tease. I giggle again and ask if you want me to suck your cock? Then I slowly wiggle out of my skirt showing you my young little twat and stare at your cock stroking your dick.In my cutest baby voice, I ask if daddy wants to fuck it? I giggle again, and squeak out, oh, daddy fuck it!


I’ve teased and denied you to your breaking point. You hold me down and force your cock in my mouth and tell me to cock suck it. When you’re close to cumming you pull out, then bend me over and pussy worships my fuck hole with your throbbing cock. You cock stroke my cunt pounding me with all your pent up frustrations and as your blowing your load, you tell me I’m a cock tease phone sex whore. After you’ve cum, I use my high pitched little girl voice and say I only wanted to make your cock tease phone sex fantasy cum true!

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Big Dick Phone Sex

big dick phone sex

Big dick phone sex is such fun with a sissy boy loser. I knew he really wouldn’t love a big cock inside of him. But he has just been a bad sissy. Lately, he doesn’t do anything that I tell him to do. So it was time to teach him a lesson. I got him a pink mini skirt with a black top and some pink and black stilettos. Then I got him dressed up with a bunch of makeup on. I didn’t know if he had some lazy pink panties and a cute little pink bra. He pranced around for me telling me how beautiful and he was how happy he was to be such a pathetic little sissy for me.


He just had no idea I was coming for him the pain that he was going to go through the humiliation he was going to get there. I put a pink blindfold on him, and I ordered him down to his hands and knees. I open the door, and he can hear footsteps of all the guys that I had walking then he started to whimper and to let me know to cover his eyes so he could see what was going to happen. Sissy Boy!


I ordered him to shut up and told him he doesn’t need to worry about anything he just needs to be the right little pathetic to see that he has. The guys walked in, and they’ve pulled those big cocks out, and they walked over and one of them started to rub his cock around this is his mouth and then the other one around his ass and then two of them still on the side of him them dropped off. You could hear him whining saying I know it’s going to hurt mistress I just left, though.

I told him that he needs to be quiet he needs to take it like the good little fairy that he is after all I own him anyways. He said yes to me, and that is when the pounding started at the same time the one question to his mouth as the other one question to his ass he was starting to cum I looked, and I could see his cock swelling. The pathetic little talk that he does have by the time those big dicks were done with him he had come all over the place I let him go and I said until next time, little sissy boy. But he had to leave looking just like he did while he was on the floor with some of his face and all those lovely clothes still on. If you’re still awake, give me a call.

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Dominating Teen Phone Sex

dominating teen phone sex

What don’t you like a dominating teen like me? Well, that is your fucking problem. I am a brat and am not scared to admit, I have always felt like I should get what I want and how I want it If you do not like it then talk to my parents about it because they are the ones that taught to be demanding and always go for what I want. Sometimes I pushed it a little too far they said, but I still got what I wanted. I think that my teacher had a big issue with it because he would tell me to do something in class and I would always refuse and do it, however, I wanted to do it. Then I just always felt I was right.


One day after class he told me I needed to stay. When we were alone, he said that he did not appreciate how I talked to him. That I needed to learn to listen and do as he says in his class. I busted out laughing and asked him are you fucking kidding me? Did you just say that I need to listen to you? He looked at me like he was confused I just kept going off. Telling him I would not tolerate anyone talking to me like that. I expect to be treated with respect and I will do the things in his class the way that I want too. I said to him and if you do not like it then you can go fuck yourself. He told me he was going to report me, so I told him to shut up and sit down sissy.


That is where he finally learned his lesson he sat down in the chair and said yes whatever you want to do we will do. I said good boy now lick my ass and massage it makes me feel better and does not stop until I can not cum anymore. He started to try to say no, but when I slapped him on his face and told him to do it now. He bowed down like he was supposed to do and went to licking and drained my pussy. Then all the cum it had. Now if you do not like being told what to do by a teen. Then I am not the one to call. Because I will only do what I want your feelings and thoughts mean nothing to me.


Adult Babies Phone Sex

adult babies PHONE SEX


I know some of you adult babies out there are still confused and on the fence about your choice to be a baby, even if it’s only for a little bit of time out of your day. You want it to be more than that, don’t you? You want to be forced to wear diapers, you want the choice completely taken away from you. The option to not wear your diapers would not be possible anymore…you would always be my baby from then on out.

And if you wear diapers like a baby, then it’s only appropriate that you dress like one completely! I would have you in onesies, cute little jumpers, footie-pajamas, or if we are just around the house, just a diaper and t-shirt. No need to dress up and pretend like you’re a big boy, now is there? How about you call me for your very own abdl phone sex, and I’ll tell you exactly what I would do to you!

Come on now I know you want to call mommy and have some fun now. I bet you are already wearing your onesies for me and even have your diaper on, don’t you? Are you seriously making mommy still sit here and wait on you? It is getting old that is all I am saying. Now that you haven’t called I have my paddle out and ready to give you a good hard spanking. Do not dare question why I am doing this to you when you have disobeyed me! Didn’t I tell you that you should already be on the phone with me doing everything I say to you have your bottle in your hand and the diaper on you and call me now?

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Mommy Phone Sex

mommy phone sex

Mommy Phone Sex With Michelle

What’s red, stinging, and covered in powder? Your diapered bottom after Mommy gets through giving you with some spanking phone sex. Mommy heard about what you did at school and let me tell you I am not pleased. The teacher called me as soon as it happened! You thought you could get away with peeing your pants in class? You are a bad little boy and mommy isn’t putting up with that kind of behaviour in this house. So let’s go right now. I want you to pull down those pants and bend over mommy’s knee. Yes, that’s right you’re getting a spanking because you’ve been a very bad boy and pissy pants. Do you want mommy to use the paddle or bare hand before I diaper you? If you can’t decide I will decide for you.

Aw, why are you crying? Because you’re getting a spanking? Well you know what if you want to act like a big baby and cry about getting a spanking then mommy is just going to treat you like a big baby and put you in a onesie along with that diaper. After I’m through with you that bottom will be so red you won’t even know what to do with yourself. You won’t be able to sit on it for quite some time! That’s what you get for being a bad boy. Are you ready for your diapered phone sex?

It’s the middle of the day and you’re just dying for some horny neighbour phone sex. Your wife just left for the pilates class and here I am knocking on your door. You poke your head through the peephole, your eyes widening as you notice my perky tits in my low cut shirt. Do you like the way all these sounds? Let’s play!!

mommy phone sex

Experienced Woman Phone Sex

experienced woman phone sex

Being that I am an experienced woman phone sex, I love it when I can explore that sexual side in me in a big tit phone sex call. The thought of having a nice barely legal hot cock rubbing up against them really turns me on. The thoughts and fantasies that we can explore during our call are very erotic to me. I desire and crave my tongue worshipping that cock, makes this mature pussy get so heated. Can’t you just imagine me twisting and pinching at these hard erect big tits and nipples?


The thoughts racing thru my head when you mention how bad you want me to wrap my experienced lips around your young cock. Don’t you want all those things from a mature older woman, that knows just how to please? I do enjoy fucking young cock! I will show you just how it’ done, I know you have contemplated having phone sex, But why not when it’s from the best. Nothing would excite me more knowing how turned on you will get watches my big tits bounce. So lay there relax and watch why a young boy craves a mature older female. Reach up and hold onto them, fondle and suck them in our big tit phone sex call. The nurturing side comes to play when you suckle from them as the grown baby you are. MMM tease them, suck on them, arouse my pink hard nipples!!! “I crave Cum and more Cum” share it with me, rub it all over this sweet mature pussy… Oral sex and mutual masturbation are one of the finer things in life,


You are learning from the best. Slide that index finger and feel this wet juicy cunt, running down, for you to rub on your cock, and start cock stroking it. I can see you are a quick learner. I do see your most favourite part of me is now showed between your cheeks, and you nurse and suckle on those big tits of mine, working that young cock of yours in between them. Then I get so heated and turned on and explore with you in some mutual masturbation, and finish off cumming all over in what I call the most beautiful big tits phone sex call ever!! So hurry to grab that phone so we can get this heated up.

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Extreme Phone Sex


extreme phone sex

Being barely legal nobody even my boyfriend of six months did not expect me to be into extreme phone sex slut. He had confessed to me his secret rape fantasy. So one night I decided I would make his fantasy a reality. I invited him over with the promise of a no taboo fuck session. When he got there I whispered in his ear that I wanted him to force me to fuck him. His eyes lit up! I looked down and his cock was rock hard. I told him I wanted a hardcore fucking. So he pushed me down and tied my hands to the bed. He said are you sure there are no limits?


I nodded and he took his dick out and smacked my face with it. He then started spanking my ass until it was bright red. He must have really gotten into the role because he said: “if you stay quiet this will go a lot easier on you”. He then picked up my vibrating strap on phone sex toy and rammed it into my ass. He then jammed his throbbing cock deep into my soaking wet cunt. I moaned so loud feeling full with both of my fuck holes filled with hard cocks. He pulled my hair back and started biting on my big tits.


I whimpered in satisfaction. This must have sent him over the edge because all of a sudden he let out a moan and forced his fuck stick further inside me as he dropped a hot and sticky load of cum deep inside my pussy. After that, he lay beside me smiling. Call me baby let’s have some fun tonight now.

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Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex

small penis humiliation phone sex

It’s true what they say about blondes having more fun, especially in small penis humiliation phone sex. I have come to know and love all of our clients here at TPF. Especially the ones that have little itty bitty cocks and know it! What’s the point of trying to hide the fact that your tiny prick isn’t even as big as a fat woman’s clit? Ha didn’t you ever wonder where the term “clit dick” came from? I have seen fucking shemales with bigger cocks than what you have. They love that they have the best of both worlds.


But you my dear friend, you don’t even have the best in one world! It must suck to know you will never be able to pleasure a woman with that pathetic piece of skin hanging between your legs. With two little shrivelled up shits beside it, which you think constitute as testicles. Come on guy, you are nothing more than a toilet phone sex slave. That is the only thing I can think of that a woman would have any use for you as. Someone to dispose of her piss and shit as she goes throughout her day.


I realize you will never actually find a woman that wants to marry you and have a relationship with you. But you can probably find a woman that needs to have a permanent fluffer. Someone to follow her around. Be her little bitch per say. You can be her toilet paper, you can be her cum cleaner when she gets done being fucked. Wouldn’t you love a cuckold relationship you worthless excuse of a man? If that sounds like you, then boy have you come to the right girl. I will make sure to use you in all the ways you deserve for having small penis humiliation phone sex.

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Impregnation Phone Sex Fantasy

impregnation phone sex fantasy
Have you ever had an impregnation fantasy? I hope so cause my girlfriend and I have a lot. We are always talking about how we could get some hot guy to come over and fuck us both. I have had plenty of guys over and had lots of threesomes but still not pregnant but we are never going to give up. We decided that we should try and get pregnant by our landlord. He has like ten little ones, so we know he is very fertile. We made an agreement with him that he is allowed to fuck us every day if he takes money from our rent but the only rule is that he is not authorized to use condoms.


Oh and let’s not forget the kindest thing of all we promised them both that if we get pregnant, he will be permitted to play with them too. That is how our rent will be covered for the rest of our lives. We also said that once they got old, enough he will be able to play with them too and get them pregnant as well. I know it is going to be so much fun. Well, it already is, but it can only get more fun.


We have always had so much fun together. We are always looking for more fun we can have together. Do you think that you could give me some more ideas on the fun that we can have together? I guarantee you that we will have lots of fucking fun over the phone too. I will be waiting just for you we could even play together. Call me now I am waiting for some hot phone sex.
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BDSM Phone Sex Miss Latex

bdsm phone sex

I’ve got something for the BDSM phone sex boys, a ball gag to keep you quiet. Then hoist you over the rafters from your wrists until your toes are dangling just off the floor. How about some sounds up your piss hole then some electric stimulation wires to the sounds that will surely make your dick tingle. My main goal is to make your cock as hard as a rock with some sex toys phone sex play the extra treat is you cumming harder than ever when you’re playing with me!


Today is the best day for you faggot’s and submissive sissy boy bitches, to get dominate phone sex from me, Miss Latex Mama. You panty boys and cuckold men. It is time for you to get under my wing and my mind control. I will mould you into whatever I want. You will do whatever I say. You will serve me with pleasure. I will give all you perverted men and pedo men, all the kinky and dirty role plays you could possibly ask for. All of you submissive faggots are finally going to get what you deserve.


The question is can you fucking handle my extreme hardcore fantasies? I will have so much power over you I will dominate you. You will empty your wallet for me. I will also give the harshest humiliation and make all your subs drink my golden showers. For all you guys looking for foot fetish, you will suck and bathe my feet in your mouth. I am a dominatrix who offers anything goes phone sex. Finally for all phone sex hard up men I offer you no limits phone sex so pick up your fucking phone now.!! !Call me now do not keep me waiting!

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Spanking Phone Sex

spanking phone sex

I know you think that you are too old for spanking phone sex but think again! If you act like a naughty little boy, you are going to be treated like one. How many times do I have to catch you sneaking into my room at night, sniffing, wearing and licking my panties? What have I told you about coming into my room at night? When am I entertaining guests? We both know that a dirty little one like you just can’t keep your hands out of your pants. These are just some of the reasons you need to call mommy tonight.


It is time for you to call and present yourself with your punishment phone sex call. Come to me, stand up tall and tell me all you have done to deserve your spanking. The only way for a boy like you to learn is with proper discipline. The best discipline is by bending you over my knee. I am going to have you drop your pants and underwear, and lay across my knee naked. I can feel your little boy boner poking into my leg. A spanking is always done on a bare bottom. Stand in front of me with your hands behind your back and look at me.


I pull you over my knee and push you forward so I feel your boner on my leg, and your bottom is right up in the air. Feel my hand start to spank that bottom and make it nice and red. It is not just going to be my hand either. I am going to use the hairbrush, the belt and the paddle. If you have been really naughty, I will even use my cane on your bare bad butt. Don’t even think about begging for mercy, this spanking phone sex call is just the beginning.

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