Mommy Phone Sex

mommy phone sex

I had a recent mommy phone sex experience I want to tell you about. I was in the shower when I heard some deep breathing I knew there was someone in the bathroom with me.Then I looked over and saw my middle son standing there. Even though I could not see his cock, I knew he was stroking it just by the moans that he was making. I decided not to say anything and keep washing my sexy body. Next I made sure that I faced him so he could see all of his mommies hot body especially my big tits. I could hear him breathing louder and louder.

Then I turned the water off and said come here little one. He walked in, and his face beat red. I told him not to be shy I knew what he had been doing, and I was going to help him. I said you need just to show it to me first.He hesitated for a moment but then showed me. It was hard as a brick, and it was throbbing hard. I started to rub my pussy. When I started moaning, he began rubbing his cock again jacking it off even faster and harder now.


It took me a very long time to cum, but my little boy was cumming all over the place before I even got started. He kept watching, though. When I was ready to cum, I called him over and let him get on his knees in front of the tub and lick my sweet pussy and its cum. He said he loved the taste of it and wanted to tease me like that all the time. Now I will be having a lot of incest pedo fantasies that is for sure! Naughty little boy! Now pick up the phone and let’s talk about your fantasies!

MOMMY phone sex

Age Play Phone Sex

age play phone sex

Okay daddy, its time for you to call me for age play phone sex. Don’t think I don’t see you sneaking a peek at me while I am in the bathtub. Do you enjoy your little underage daughter’s sweet bald cunt and flat little chest splashing in the bathtub? Why don’t you come in and wash me up, daddy? I won’t tell mommy when you reach down and wash my little clitty. Tug on my clitty with your fingers and give me chills all over.


Maybe you can get into the bath with me to daddy. Climb in naked and let me wash down that big daddy cock. Do you enjoy feeling your paedophile cock being stroked by tiny hands? My tiny voice will have you precumming in my hands in no time daddy. Let me jerk you while you finger me in the bathtub. Oh, I love age play phone sex with my dirty old daddies. It will always be our little secret every time we play. Pull me on to you daddy. Spread my legs and wrap them around your waist.


Feel your paedophile cock pressing against my pussy daddy. My tight little hole is aching for you to push into me. Please daddy, my clit is on fire. I am so wet and horny for my daddy’s cock. Push into me daddy, slide deep into me and hold it there! I want to feel the head of your cock pushing into my underage pussy. Feel the head of your cock pushing against my little cervix. Are you getting close daddy? To blowing inside of your daughter’s cunt. I want you to empty that baby batter deep into me daddy. Cum inside of your age plays phone sex princess tonight!

age play phone sex

Adult Baby Phone Sex


adult baby phone sex

My adult baby has been sucking his thumb which I know is not a good habit. He started sucking it when he lost his pacifier one day, but now he has been sucking it almost all the time. My adult baby sucks his thumb when he is tired, while he’s eating, even while I’m changing his diaper. He basically sucks his thumb all day. When I asked him, before bedtime one night, why he’s been sucking on his thumb so much, he told me that it makes him feel better. He told me that he worries a lot and that sucking his “thumb-thumb makes all the bad thoughts go bye-bye.”


So I thought about it and decided that if it makes him feel better, I’m going to let my little one suck his thumb. I even bought him a little-stuffed animal that also sucks his thumb. He was so happy when I gave it to him. He squeezed it tight and named it “Binky.” I told my ABDL that he could keep sucking his thumb until “Binky” stopped sucking his.


So now at night, we cuddle on the couch while I read him a story, as he holds “Binky” and sucks his thumb loudly with a lot of sucking noise and drool. Seeing my ABDL happy puts a smile on my face. I love when my little adult baby knows how to make mommy happy. I take him to the bed so I can read to him a little book he likes. Kissing him on the cheek every once in awhile until he is fast asleep cuddling up close to mommy and her breasts in his face. Mommy knows just have to make her little one happy, doesn’t she? Call mommy now so she can make you happy.

adult baby phone sex

Naughty Neighbor Phone Sex

naughty neighbor phone sex


Naughty neighbor phone sex, I have the hottest neighbours ever. He came over and fucked me last week. But now that his wife’s been around a lot more he tells me that he can’t do it anymore. That he has to resist me because he doesn’t want his wife finding out. Do you think that a hot bitch like me is kind of that I can accept that I don’t believe?

The next morning I went outside, and my tank top and booty shorts turned the water on. Washing the car and sprayed my body with the hose, and you can see right through my shirt. And I’m sure it didn’t help you could already see my panties because I had little booty shorts on. my wet. I can see you looking at my beautiful tits. I’ll suck on nipples through my shirt, and you want them right now.I knew he wanted to reason I should have read that and then begin sucking on my nipples but he couldn’t because his wife is home we run around to the other side of the car where he leaned down where nobody could see him and begin by pulling down my booty shorts and taking his time and start to filter it on my clit and then sucking on it as he was fingering my pussy he did it for so long until I came all over his.


He stood up after he was done, and I can’t let him go home with such a hard throbbing cock so I grabbed it and pulled it out of his pants and I started to stroke it then when I made sure his wife wasn’t looking I drop to my knees and suck that big bad boy off until he exploded in my mouth I heard his wife calling out he just told her to hold on he was helping me do something with my car. Got up and I wiped my mouth off. I saw her mouth open wide I knew that she knew that I was sucking her husband’s cock. He had just come all over my face. Let’s just say he went home to the hell with a smile on his face and of course a very pissed-off wife but who cares right it’s all about me.

naughty neighbor phone sex

Sugar Baby Phone Sex

sugar baby phone sex

My sugar daddy walks in and says “Sugar Baby why the port on your beautiful little face?” I looked up with my cute little pout and said: “Daddy I been a pretty girl giving you everything you need and you haven’t taken me shopping in forever. ”Oh My Princess lets me make a few calls and rearrange my day, and I will get us a limo and take you wherever you want to go.” I giggled and went to dress. I put on my favourite panties and no bra under Daddy’s favourite little slip Dress along with some sex fuck me heels. I applied my makeup and fixed my hair all soft just the way he likes it.


The limo arrived in about 45 minutes and we were off. The first thing he did was pop a bottle of bubbly for us and I cuddle in for a ride to the first shop on the list I gave the driver. Look out here we came with Daddy’s credit card and my desire for everything silky and sexy. Our first stop was a little boutique kind of out of the way. We walked in like we owned the place and Daddy started pointing out things he wanted to see me in. When we had his choices I seated him on the chase lounge and started his private show. He sat bake with a glass of champagne and quickly started adjusting his trousers because his cock was growing fast. I didn’t help the situation posing so that my tits popped. Then arched my back so that my full round ass almost reached out and smacked him. I knew what I was doing daddy liked a good tease. And I am all about giving my sugar daddy everything he wants.


We hit several more shops, and I needed help getting all my silky, clingy, sexy things into my condo. Since that got the limo driver inside and my sugar daddy likes to watch me get fucked I arranged a sweet little show with the driver for daddy as a thank you. I’ll tell you all about that when you call.


Babysitter Phone Sex

babysitter phone sex


I bet a bad daddy like you needs a dirty slut for your Babysitter Phone Sex needs. Do you need me to watch your little ones? Or maybe you like the idea of watching me instead! I do love the idea of my hands touching all over my young body while you watch. All with your little brats in the other room watching cartoons. *Giggles* That makes my little cunt dripping wet, knowing you are checking out my cute little ass and perky breasts. Are you wanting to feel them with your big, daddy hands? Or maybe you want to taste me with that long, thick tongue.

I make myself cum during our Babysitter Phone Sex calls! I always think about your wife and what she would think if she knew what a nasty pervert her husband is. It makes my teen phone sex pussy wet to know that you use your brats babysitter to cheat on your wife. She is a prude little whore and doesn’t deserve that beautiful cock that you have. You know that I will do all the things that your wife won’t. Confess to me what exactly you want and I will be happy to help!


Oh yes, that’s right! You like Golden Shower Phone Sex. A little girl hovering over you and trickling that piss all over your chest. No matter what it is, there isn’t anything too wild for me. Just add the extra money to my babysitting fees. I will put your little brats to bed and come up to your bedroom. No one will ever know that you are having a hot little role play with your brats teen babysitter! Your dirty Babysitter Phone Sex slut will be your little secret, as long as you never forget to pay me very well daddy!

babysitter phone sex

Fucking Phone Sex

fucking phone sex


I fucking love football and my favourite quarterback was back this week it was so fun watching him throw that ball. Sure do wish I could do something with his balls. I have fantasized about it all the time. You would love for him to be standing there on the field about to throw the ball when he notices this girl dressed in a sexy cheerleader uniform about to suck on his dick and get it so hard. She does not stop even after he is trying to get the game going. She tells him to let her make him cum first. He throws the balls down and grabs me by the hair and shoves my face down by his balls and tells me to suck them like a good whore.


I go down there and suck and lick them as I feel his precum dripping on my forehead. I do not care though I love the warm sensation dripping down. Once he is about to cum he grabs me by my hair again and shoves his big cock down my throat and makes me swallow his big fat load. I never waste any cum either. I gulped it all down allowing him to make me his little cum dumpster. Even though he has to go home after the game to his wife he will be thinking about me I know. Even when she is doing the naughty things she does to him all he will be able to think about it that hot cheerleader that sucked him off.

My girlfriends and I that are cheerleaders too have decided that if they win the big championship game this year we are going to congratulate them by sucking them off. We will then all lay down and allow them all to have their way with us. As long as they promise to make us their cum sluts. I know all of them will go home only thinking about how we rocked their worlds hell some of them may not even want to return to their wives once they get some of this good ole cheerleader pussy.

fucking phone sex

Two Girl Phone Sex

two girl phone sex

Have you ever had some hot two girl phone sex? Boy, I sure have they are so much fun. I never thought that I would be that interested in it though honestly. Until I met this older lady at the bar the other night. She was all over me trying to get me to have some lesbian fun with her and at first, I pushed her away because I just was not feeling her. The more that she touched me the more that I got turned on and knew that I had to have her right then and there. I must admit yes I was a little wasted. We went into the bathroom where we had some hot fun with one another making out and fondling one another. She said she loved how to dominate I was to her and wanted me to take her home. How could I resist?


When we got home a whole other person came out of her. I couldn’t believe it she was into some wild two girl phone sex. We got to my house and she asked if she could use the bathroom, she took her purse with her. When she came out she was wearing a diaper and had a damn pacifier in her mouth sucking on it like a little one. All I could do was laugh my ass off at her. How pathetic and that is just what I told her. But, she just giggled and got on her back and put her legs up and said she needed to be changed. I figured why not have some fun with it.


May as well have fun with the two girl phone sex we were having right. I took her legs in my hands and spread her legs apart and took her diaper off and wiped her little parts and then I spanked her little bottom for going pee pee in her diaper Naughty little girl. Now she comes over all the time for some hot abdl phone sex fun.

two girl phone sex

Cum Slut Phone Sex

cum slut phone sex

Last night I learned something new. It’s very rare for a phone sex cum slut to have not heard of a fetish. But this one was very new for me. Have you ever heard of Bukkake? I was invited to a Bukkake party. I have to say I think it was the most fun I have had in a minute. For those of you who don’t know what it is, Bukkake is what I like to call a splash party. Where several men “splash” a girl or in my case girls with their cum. Not so much like a facial but more all over their bodies. I thought of it as modern art with multi painters the men just stand around you and shoot their sticky loads of cum from head to toe all over the girl’s body. Can you picture it?


Last night one of my girlfriends and I stripped down totally naked and made out kissing and touching each other while eight guys stood around us in a big circle jerk and stroked their throbbing cocks till they ejaculated all over the both of us. It was sort of like a chain reaction once the first creamy hot load splashed us the others followed suit. Then It was so exciting and so sexy. It felt like being pelted with big warm cum bubbles. And when they were done it was such a sexy sight of us just dripping from head to toe with the gooey cum. Just picture it, the top of our heads to the tips of our toes was just saturated.


I have to say it was so much fun we have planned another cum fest for next week; I think I am going to invite about fifteen to twenty guys and maybe 2 of my girlfriends. What do you say? Would you want to come to my phone sex bukkake splash party?

CUM SLUT Phone Sex

BBC phone sex

bbc phone sex


I had only been home from my weekend of BBC phone sex for three hours when I decided I needed more so I decided to grab my favourite dildo and take some phone sex calls. I get it all the time “Do you really masturbate on your Calls? Well, hell to the yeah I do. I am a very sexual person who needs something in my cunt. Every few hours like most people need food or cigarettes.

I got settled in my comfy spot on my big bed with my lube. As well as my favourite BBC dildo and lube even though I probably wouldn’t need it. Truth be told phone sex is my favourite way to make my cunt wet. My country music in the background and I am all ready for the phone to ring. I am gently teasing my nipples thru the soft material of my favourite t-shirt when the phone rings. My first call is sexy as fuck sounding black man. Says he is retired military and he just got home and hasn’t had his fill of pussy and he is craving a southern slut who loves BBC would that be me?

We had so much fun phone fucking. We did a lot of different roleplay phone sex games, aside from BBC we did blowjob phone sex just to name a few It was great fun and I masturbated during our phone sex call the whole time. Am I in the mood to touch myself again who’s in the mood? Call me lets have some fun! I hope that you have a big fat black dick just the way that I like them. If you think you can handle a little slut like me then give me a call so I can have that black dick.

bbc phone sex

Cougar Phone Sex

cougar phone sex

Cougar phone sex always makes me so happy. I love seeking out a hot young man, especially a man who has yet to experience all the things I can teach him, and use to seduce him. I get so excited knowing that he has no idea what it is he is getting himself into.


Of course, I am the one who takes control once I get him right where I want him. Surely you wouldn’t expect anything else. He may have never experienced sensual domination or any kind of sex before, really, but he will soon learn that he won’t be able to get enough of it when I’m the one who is dishing it out. I always make it his job to please me first. What would be the point of cougar phone sex if I am not being pleased? But after that, I like to toy with him a bit, bringing him to the brink of an orgasm over and over until he understands just who is in charge.

I like to jerk him off just to see how long it takes him to cum and then how long it takes him to get hard again, and how many times he can get it up. I like to find out how sensitive his nipples are or even perhaps a little experimentation with pain play. Oh, and prostate play, too, of course. It can be a little humiliating, but I’m so good with my long fingers and my hands. I can be a very stimulating experience, to say the least. Call me now and let’s go ahead and have some fun together I promise you will be very satisfied.

cougar phone sex

Granny Phone Sex

granny phone sex

To all the naughty boys out there young and old looking for a naughty granny phone sex fuck, call me honey. It this age there isn’t much I haven’t tried so I’m a sure thing you can be as nasty as you wish. I’m an old gal with no limits phone sex on my mind.  So what’s your desire? Are you an incest phone sex lover? Or do you wish ole granny be a pedo phone sex lover? I just love a man that’s into a mature phone sex lover! I’ll be all that and more, all you have to do is give me a call!


How young do you want to be? Granny loves horny little boys barely out of diapers at that sweet prepubescent age. I’ll find you in your mommy’s dirty clothes hamper smelling her panties while I’m babysitting you one day. Horny old granny will pull your pants down jerk your little underage prick until it squirts. I might even make you wear your mommy’s panties and groom you to be a little sissy slut. I’ll wear your mommy’s strap-on toy… for many more lessons to come. Are you my grown son taking what he wants from his old mother? We’ve been playing together since your awkward years as a barely legal teen. I taught you all about treating a woman, making her cum, how she pleasures your cock. Now that your wife has gone you come over for a mother and son fuck. Treat me like a whore, grab me by the hair on my head push to my knees to suck your dick, it’s only incest phone sex that makes you cum nowadays.


Are you the hot young man that lives down the street that knocks on my door? I invite you in because I love the way you flirt. All this attention from a man more than half my age makes my ole cunt drip with desire. You better be careful I might just jump your bones! Invite you to my bed for a hot granny phone sex fuck!