Erotic Phone Sex

erotic phone sex

I love it when you sweet men call for erotic phone sex. You know who you are, your wife doesn’t give you the love and attention that you enjoy at home. So when she is being mean, and so unloving, you call me. I welcome you into my heart with open arms. I want to feel you snuggle with me, and allow me to kiss you passionately while you tell me how your day was. I want to feel your heart racing as my tongue traces your mouth. There is something about being your secret telephone girlfriend that really makes my puffy pussy drip.


Do you want to enjoy a little girlfriend experience for your ultimate erotic phone sex fantasy? I will wear something really sexy when you call. We can curl up in bed, with the lights dimmed low. Just slide your hands all over me. Grab my big, juicy breasts and suckle them, while you let your hand slip in between my pussy lips. I want to feel you plunge into me while I hold you close. Make my sweet, hairy pussy cum and I promise to return the favour. I will crawl down in between your legs. Put my juicy butt up in the air for you to stare at while I start to slowly make out with your big, beautiful dick.


Slipping my warm mouth over you, wrapping my juicy jugs around your cock. I want you to cream in my mouth and I will do anything that it takes. Feel my tongue slip down past your balls and press into your asshole while my hand works your shaft gently. Your wife doesn’t do it as well as I do, I know. Feel me pleasuring you, only as someone who loves you would. I want to feel you explode, feel my finger press into your ass and massage that prostate while my mouth goes back to work. Give it to me baby, give me that hot load in my mouth. Allow me to swallow your creamy goodness and I can promise you to always leave you wanting more erotic phone sex.

erotic phone sex

Dirty Phone Sex

I just adore having dirty phone sex with all of my little adult baby playmates! Whether I’m your babysitter taking care of your little boy bottom, your mommy who diapers you every night and lets you nurse on her hard nipples before she tucks you in, or that girl next door who helps that mature neighbour get powdered and changed, believe me, I am everything you need. Let mommy take you shopping with me. Let all those strangers see you as an adult wearing a big, puffy diaper. Wear those little girl booty shorts that will show your diaper off. You know how much I love embarrassing you!


I’ll take special care of you when we get home, rubbing lots of nice lotion all over that hard cock and all around your bottom before I slip on a nice soft diaper. I bet you love getting little boners in your adult baby phone sex diapers. Once your soil yourself, I’ll take you in the nice warm bath with me to get you nice and clean, stroking that cock with the soap and I’ll let you run the soap all over my big tits and wet pussy like a good boy. We all know how much you just love your incest phone sex mommy.


Then I’ll dry you off with a soft towel and lay you on the bed, and while I’m changing you, I love to feel your golden showers squirt up all over my face when I am trying to get that diaper on you! Come baby lets get your pyjamas on! You know it’s bedtime and time to be rocked to sleep. So if you are in need of some diaper, babysitter, mommy, or family fun phone sex.

family fun phone sex

Spoiled Girl Phone Sex

spoiled girl phone sex

I am a spoiled phone sex girl. Daddy has always given me the world, after all I am his little princess. Lately, I have been asking for a very expensive phone and he keeps telling me no. Today he changed his mind though. Then I came home from school in my little school girl uniform sucking on a delicious lollipop. Finally, I sat down beside daddy on the couch and noticed his sweet cock was already starting to swell up. I started sucking on my lollipop harder making sure to make all kinds of wet slurping noises. I noticed it starting to throb through his pants, so I leaned over to him and asked for the phone again. He said no, I walked away stomping my feet because you never say no to a princess like me.


The next morning I knew how I could have him trapped into giving me the new phone. I sat down beside daddy sucking on my lollipop slurping and getting spit everywhere. He was hard as hell. I reached over and undid his pants and lowered myself to my knees. I put his dick right into my mouth sucking on it like a delicious lollipop. This little-spoiled phone sex brat was going to get her phone no matter what. I placed his hand on the back of my little and told him to treat me like the naughty little slut I caught him with before. He pushed my little-wet mouth down in his lap. As I was starting to gag and slurp, my eyes began to water. I knew daddy was close to cumming his dick was throbbing in my wet, hot mouth. He pushed my head all the way down and made me feel like I was choking on a real big deliciously yummy lollipop!


My eyes were watering and my throat was sore but my pussy sure was wet. Daddy started pushing me down harder but I pulled back right when he was going to explode. I looked up at him and said only for the phone. He said princess you can have anything you want no matter the cost as long as I get to shoot my creamy goodness down that hot little throat of yours. I opened my mouth wider making sure not to waste a drop of daddies goodies. Giggle, now I get to go get my phone. Do you have a spoiled phone sex girl, that you would like to slurp on your sweet, delicious cock like a lollipop! Giggle.


Sissy Phone Sex

sissy phone sex

I love my sissy phone sex callers so much. My newest caller has been so much fun to play with. He came to me not really knowing how to be a sissy. But after the long session of teaching him, he is perfect now. He wears pretty dresses, stockings and even heels. I love to have him put his hair in cute pigtails with ribbons. He often goes into his wife’s’ make up bag to plaster his face with beauty. He is only allowed to address me as Miss. Of course, he also cannot speak until he is addressed. He knows his place, but sometimes he steps over the line.


He misbehaves, and I won’t tolerate it. Sometimes I think he does it so I will have to punish him. When I bend him over for his spankings, my dark and sadistic sides really comes out. I start by making sure his little cock is caged up. Everything he has belongs to me. Then, I have him tied down. Now it is time for a little cock ball torture phone sex. He has to use whatever household items he has. So he grabs a wooden spoon, flies slapper and a hairbrush. I force him to start abusing those cum filled balls. The pain really never stops. He knows just how sadistic I am and he loves it. I make him grab his wife’s butt plug as well. Forcing it into his ass, he will be the ultimate sissy if I have anything to do with.


My sissy always asks to take off the cock cage and relieve himself. But I am not very forgiving. You will keep it on for the duration of our call. Put the butt plug all the way in your ass and then slide on your sexy, pink panties. Get that short skirt on with stockings and heels. You are going to go down the street find a nice big stud to work your sissy boy magic on. You will offer yourself to him in any way he wants it. Let him rape all of your holes for all I care. As long as you are obedient to your sissy phone sex call.

taboo phone sex

Shoe Fetish Phone Sex

shoe fetish phone sex

I really do enjoy shoe fetish phone sex, because I believe there is no quicker way for me to assert my dominance over my men and put them in their place. I tower over those clit dick losers with my big tits. Then I slip my thick feet into my sexy heels. My chunky legs look so sexy in those shoes. My fat tits sticking out, making you drool. Start to crawl around on the floor, begging for just a taste of my feet. You know you aren’t anywhere close to my level. You will be at my feet worshipping me while the real men are ploughing my pussy with their big dicks.


My little foot fetish freak isn’t worthy of anything but submissiveness and cuckold phone sex. You have a very important job slut. You are responsible for keeping my sexy feet clean at any cost. Oh, but I have stepped in something on the way to see you. I have dirty feet, get down there and suck me clean. Oh yes, turn me on and make my pussy drip when you suck between those toes. Every inch of filth belongs in your mouth and not on me.


Keep going slut, I want you sucking my feet clean. No spitting it out either. You are to worship every inch of my filth and swallow it in gratefulness. Are you grateful slut? Be thankful that I am even allowing you this close to me. I am a humiliation phone sex goddess just aching to make you feel like a pathetic little loser. Keep going, do as much as you possibly can to keep me happy and you will never find someone as good as me to enjoy shoe fetish phone sex.

shoe fetish phone sex

Bukkake Phone Sex

bukkake phone sex

Calling all of my bukkake and golden showers callers, I’m in need of some major extreme phone sex! I’m in desperate need of watching you jerk off and being showered on my knees with all of your warm sexy juices all over my body. I want to feel you shoot your hot load right into my face, squirting on my big tits and pussy. Give it to me, I need it now! I want to do what no other woman will ever do for you, do you think I can be that person for you?


I want to sip your golden warm fluid from a champagne glass while you’re hard throbbing cock pounds my anal cavity. And right before you explode, shove that dick into my mouth so I can taste my own sweet scat phone sex juices mixed with your thick juicy semen. I need it, I crave it, I can’t get enough of it. You’ll make me so horny, I’ll squirt some of my sweet, sweet juice into a glass. Just for you to sip while I lick every inch of your wet cock. Do you want to drink up my juices you dirty lil boy?


I’m going to really enjoy our call tonight baby. Do you crave the most twisted and taboo phone sex calls, that you can’t find anyone else to do? I can be your seductive sister or your dirty mommy that just has to feel her sons cock plunging deep. Maybe you want me to be your strap-on wielding mistress. Whatever your dirty, little pleasure is, you can be certain I will make sure you are well taken care of. Call me now before I go crazy for some extreme phone sex! Cheers!

BUKKAKE phone sex

Cock Tease Phone Sex

cock tease phone sex

Are you ready for a cock tease phone sex with your favourite twisted teen? Usually when you think of cock teases you think of barely legal phone sex girls, tight bodies and skimpy clothes. Well, I’m not that young but I still have what it takes and then some. I can show you that even college gals can give you a run for your money. I know that you want to call me! You are just aching inside to know what my sweet, little voice sounds like. Call with your cock in your hand and I promise to walk you through some mutual masturbation phone sex.


My caller wanted a really nasty phone sex experience, a role play, he wanted to pick up a strange girl, one that was flirting and “asking for it”, a cock tease. Well, we started in a bar. I was dressed very alluring in a tight low cut blouse showing off my cleavage with a very tight short skirt and heels, and a little drunk, sitting on a bar stool. I keep spreading my legs and crossing them in an exhibitionist phone sex way, I was being a total cock tease. MC, comes over and cosies up next to and puts his arm around my waist, buys me a drink.


I’m busy rubbing my hand up and down his thigh, cock stroking him through his pants. He leads me by my hand into the men’s room bathroom stall. then bends me over and does a little pussy worship phone sex with his hard cock, as he cock strokes me, pounding my pussy. When he’s close to cumming he pulls out. Then he strokes his cock  until he blows his load all over me, his cock tease phone sex delight!

cock tease phone sex

Family Fun Phone Sex

family fun phone sex

I love taboo phone sex. I really want to fulfil your hot, steamy, family fun phone sex fantasies. Would you like to get in the shower with Mommy and feel her big and hard swollen breasts, and pointy hard nipples pressed up against her sweet boys back? Mommy loves your hard, bulging cock pressed up against her tight, sweet soft ass cheeks as she showers up with all the soapy bubbles. Want me to stroke that hard cock up and down as I wash it shiny clean? Incest phone sex makes Mommy’s pussy drip with juice, pulse and swells with love for you.


Let me see how big and deliciously pink you are. Mommy wants to break you in and show you what it’s like to have my mouth licking you up and down your juicy, hard, shaft. I love to have my sweet boy’s cock on my wet lips, swollen pussy, and tight, round ass and big beautiful, full tits. Kinky phone sex makes Mommy so hot and bothered. My pussy is getting all lathered up. I know you are really hard sex and wanting some great Hot mommy phone sex. I love all kinds of nympho phone sex and Mommy really, really, wants to talk to you! Yummy!


I wanna play with my boy and we can use all of my sex toys. Mommy son phone sex is so much fun for boys and their Mommies! Wanna have Mommy teach you how to fuck her doggy style? I know you always have wanted Mommy to be the first pussy you ever put your sweet young cock into. You want to return to where you came from and put delicious cum all up in Mommy with some family fun phone sex. How about you give Mommy some good, taboo phone sex!

family fun phone sex

Taboo Phone Sex


taboo phone sex

When you boys are in the mood for something really nasty, you know you can call me for taboo phone sex! Last night while my customer’s wife was at work, he called me. Told me that he had been having real impure thoughts of the secretary at his office. How she seemed to be the ultimate prude and wanted to know if we could role play what he would like to do with her. If he could get away with it and not get into trouble. She dresses up real slutty, but then the second he comes on to her she seems offended. It is mixed signals really.


So I dressed up in my sluttiest skirt and button-up shirt. Something very professional. I put my glasses on and walked into the office. Of course, my boss was sitting behind his desk, as he did every morning, drinking coffee and scrolling the internet. I walked in and offered him the files that I had prepared the night before. Bending over just so he could get a good look at my sexy body. But I stood up and shot him an evil look. no taboo phone sex for your boss and I walked out. I could feel his eyes glued to my ass. I waltzed into my cubical and sat down. Typing away, I didn’t even hear him come up behind me. He grabbed me by my throat and started to unbuckle his pants. I couldn’t speak.


I saw him pull out his incredibly large cock and tell me that if I didn’t suck it, I would be fired immediately. I opened my mouth reluctantly and started to suck. Gentle at first, but I guess I wasn’t doing it hard enough. He grabbed me by my hair and started to face fuck me furiously. I could tell he meant business. My eyes were watering, my glasses falling off my face. I felt my nose running and throat gagging on his dick. He gave me one last pump and I could feel his cum spill into my throat. I made sure to gulp it all up. I didn’t want to leave any evidence behind from my boss raping my throat. I quickly wiped up and went back to work. He walked out, feeling proud of his taboo phone sex fantasy played out.

taboo phone sex

No Limits Phone Sex

no limits phone sex

No limits phone sex is the best phone sex ever. I may be a young girl but I know no limits phone sex is so much fun. I like to bring older men to my direction and show off all my assets. Men of a certain age seem to appeal more to me and I feel are much better lovers. I love the way they just fawn over me. My tight body, my flat little chest and my bald little underage cunt. They see me, and they see a sweet and innocent little whore.


They usually want to take me under their wing and have mind control phone sex. Also, they almost always want me to give them cock tease phone sex. They like to feel superior to me and it keeps their cock real stiff rock hard. Do you want to feel superior to me? Be forceful and sadistic with this teen phone sex slut? I am sure I can please you in all the ways a submissive is supposed to please her master.


Sometimes they get blue balls when I tease them for a long time. I do love doing cock teasing phone sex. But I have to admit I love it. I give all my callers one hundred percent dirty phone sex. Not to mention in our fantasy phone sex calls I bring a lot of detail and enthusiasm and men love it. My pussy stays so wet and creamy getting men hard and making their dicks explode a lot. The more fetish phone sex I get to experience the better my roleplay phone sex is. Call me right now for no limits phone sex. I can’t wait to talk to you men right now.

NO LIMITS phone sex

Teen Slut Phone Sex

teen slut phone sex

There is nothing like teen slut phone sex to make you cum extra hard while the wife is away. Come on, don’t act like you don’t want to cheat on her. You want to sneak out of your bedroom, and downstairs to your backyard. Climb into your little one’s playhouse and just wait. You know I will be there like I always am. I come up to the make belief castle and drop my robe to show off my tiny underage body. You like what you see mister? Do you like to see my bald, the little one like the cunt? Just tight and pink, perfect for your pedo cock!


I climb on top of you and start kissing you. First your lips and then down to your neck. You are so addictive to my needs.  I need to be filled up and all of my perverted fantasies come true. Have you ever been with a young girl like me? Who has the most extreme fetishes? Like bestiality phone sex, I just love the thought of fucking a dog for you. Do you want to fuck my tight little hole while I suck off your dog? I want to suck his big, red rocket. Feel his load blow down my throat while you pound away at me.


Do you want to taste this furry friend’s cum? I mean no one has to know what a dirty old man you are. I will keep all of your secrets. You can be honest and tell me everything dirty that you have done. I know you have touched your daughter and son before. The thought of incest phone sex just brings you to the brink of orgasm! What else brings you to the brink? Does the thought of filling up my middle school pussy make you squirt? How about fucking me and some of my friends during our sleepover? Whatever it may be, call me to fulfil all of your teen slut phone sex needs!

teen slut phone sex

Cheating Phone Sex

cheating phone sex

Cheating phone sex is fun when your husband is down for it too. See my husband knows how much I need sex and that I was not getting enough just being with him. He started to bring his friends home for me. At first, I thought it was a little strange and said no because I used to cheating but not when he was watching, and that is what he wanted to do. The first time he brought a friend home I agreed to let him fuck me in front of him, and it was amazing but at the same time very strange because my husband was watching and he was sitting in the corner of the room jacking off while his friend pounded my pussy.


Then the second time he brought home a guy with a beautiful dick it was the perfect size and shape, and he knew how to make a woman cum over and over again before he even started to cum. I could not resist him, and after him, I loved when my husband brought his friends home. Sometimes I even asked him when he was going to bring one home. I would cook dinner for the three of us and then get into something really sexy before they came walking in the door. We would always have a few glasses of wine before heading to the bedroom if we even made it that far. Sometimes we would just do the nasty right there in the kitchen or the living room.


I think the hottest time was when we could not make it out of the kitchen. I would be getting up from the table to put the dishes in the sink, and sometimes he would take me and bend me over the table and pull my skirt up and panties to the side and do me good right there while my husband stroked his dick. Sometimes I would call him over so I could suck him off too. There is no need for my husband’s cum going to waste when I can have it down my throat. I love when I get them both to bust their loads in me or on me making me their hot little horny cum slut.

cheating phone sex