Naughty Little Boys

naughty phone sex


I have the perfect punishment for my naughty little boys. If anyone ever defies me or tries to tell me no. There is a punishment that I dole out that will make them never do it again. Unless of course, they are really naughty little boys and really want me to do it to them over and over. First I need my supplies: enema, elbow-length. Then I will need a rubber glove, petroleum jelly, silk rope, ball gag, and last but not least a cock ring. I have the naughty boy lay down or force him to lay down on his belly with his legs dangling off the bed.

Then I tie his hands to the headboard and his feet to each leg post so he cannot move. Then I pump his tiny little pathetic dick until it gets as hard as it can, usually only 3 inches in length. Once he is as hard and dripping as I can make him, I put that cock ring on that tiny dick so he cannot cum no matter how hard he may want to. Then that little boy knows something bad is coming.


I make sure to tell him what he did that I am punishing him for. “You talked back to me in public.” “You did not wear your diaper to work.” “You told me no when I wanted you to put a butt plug in.” Or any other offence he levelled my way. I remind that little boy that he is mine and I can do whatever I want to him however I feel like doing it. He isn’t worth having respect or being treated like an adult. I have so much more I can tell you! Why don’t you just give me a call right now and let’s have some fun to share stories!

 naughty phone sex

Stockings Phone Sex

stockings phone sex


Where is nothing better than a sexy pair of legs wrapped in a pair of silky stockings, am I right? Well take a gander at mine, wouldn’t you like to have your cock buried deep in between my thighs for a hot Stockings Phone Sex fuck? Your cock will throb when you feel your thighs and the head of your dick rub against the very tips of them. I’ll lay on my back and spread my legs wide in my very sexy sensual corset.Thong panties and garter belt then pull my panties to the side. To dip my hot red tipped finger into my juicy cunt.

By the way, your cock throbs and twitches when you watch. As I put on my silky smooth nude pantyhose one foot at a time, I know your secret. You think you’re disguised in your tailored suit looking all professional but at the end of a long stressful day after the lights are dimmed you unzip your pants your inner whorish ways are revealed when those pants come off. You’ve got a full blown Stockings Phone Sex Fetish.

Are you a sissy boy phone sex slut or a hot-blooded male getting in touch with his feminine side? All you know is you get a raging hard-on whenever you’re near a pair of pantyhose. In the beginning, you were satisfied cock stroking with a pair wrapped around your cock. Now, that you’ve succumbed you’ve turned into a Stockings Phone Sex whore. You’re always wearing a pair of Calvin Klein sheer essential sheer-to-waist pantyhose. Enjoying the way they feel tight against your cock. I’m wearing mine just like you want me to. Let’s rub ourselves together and get off on the smooth silky feeling dry humping and grinding. Until we climax and cum!

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Mommy Diapers Her Adult Baby

mommy phone se

Mommy Phone Sex With Michelle 

What’s red, stinging, and covered in powder? Your diapered bottom after Mommy gets through giving you with some spanking phone sex. Mommy heard about what you did at school and let me tell you I am not pleased. The teacher called me as soon as it happened! You thought you could get away with peeing your pants in class? You are a bad little boy and mommy isn’t putting up with that kind of behaviour in this house. So let’s go right now. I want you to pull down those pants and bend over mommy’s knee. Yes, that’s right you’re getting a spanking because you’ve been a very bad boy and pissy pants. Do you want mommy to use the paddle or bare hand before I diaper you? If you can’t decide I will decide for you.

Aw, why are you crying? Because you’re getting a spanking? Well you know what if you want to act like a big baby and cry about getting a spanking then mommy is just going to treat you like a big baby and put you in a onesie along with that diaper. After I’m through with you that bottom will be so red you won’t even know what to do with yourself. You won’t be able to sit on it for quite some time! That’s what you get for being a bad boy. Are you ready for your diapered phone sex?

It’s the middle of the day and you’re just dying for some horny neighbour phone sex. Your wife just left for the pilates class and here I am knocking on your door. You poke your head through the peephole, your eyes widening as you notice my perky tits in my low cut shirt. Do you like the way all these sounds? Let’s play!!

MOMMY phone sex


Extreme Fetish Phone Sex

extreme fetish phone sex


I think the whole extreme fetish phone sex community knows by now that dominating and forced age regression of men is my most gratifying form of punishment I use and in my opinion the most effective too. I guess having that kind of level over someone can be intoxicating. And what better way is there to control a person than to regress them back to the stage of infancy?
You just have to keep boring the idea in their head that they are helpless and need you. I find the ones who try to fight it are always the most satisfying to break. It’s almost like psychological hypnotization. If you tell a person something enough times they’ll start to believe it’s true. And once you get them to that state of mind that’s where the fun really begins.
If you manage to properly regress them then you can move onto more extreme forms of domination. Regression can easily be turned into emasculation and once they’re emasculated you can move onto feminization and then finally full-on sissification! It’s a process but it’s beyond worth it in the end. I know you will truly enjoy the places that I will be taking you. You will have the most amazing fetish phone sex call you could ever imagine. My words will take you to a whole other level where you will be changing into things you couldn’t imagine. I will have you emasculated and wanting to be my feminized bitch to have nothing but wild fun with. Do you think that you can even handle that? Do you dare call someone as intoxicating to me to regress you back? I dare you now to pick your phone up and call me now and let’s get started.
extreme fetish phone sex

Pain Slut Phone Sex


pain slut phone sex


Hi pain slut phone sex slut, I did something for you. It took me a while and I had to be real careful. But I grew my nails out real long just like you like them. That way I can scratch my nails over your skin. My long nails can dig into your back making long claw marks. I can tease your cock with my nail tips and not have a bit of skin touch you. I can slide my nail into your piss hole a good 2 inches just like you always wanted me to try.

I know you can’t wait to feel my long nails scratching your skin and leaving trails of sharp sweet pain. You know how dangerous nails can be and the risk is so hot knowing I have lethal nails that could slice you up trailing gently on your cock. I love the way just the idea of my long nails makes you start leaking. I am so glad I grew them out for you. I know you love the pain that it makes you feel while I am doing it to you.

Look at the tears in your eyes as you cry begging me to stop. At the same time, you are wanting me to keep pressing harder because you get pleasure from all this pain. I will not stop doing this to you as it gives me pleasure as well. I love making you suffer and plead for mercy from me. I use my other hand to wrap around your cock and stroke it hard over and over again until you cum all inside of my hand. Now you are my little pain bitch! Now give me that cum! Naughty boy! Call me now let’s have some fun I will be waiting!

pain slut phone sex

Spanking Phone Sex Fun

spanking phone sex

Spanking Phone Sex Fun

Do you like spanking phone sex? Well, I wanted to tell you about the new office that I am working in. There are lots of big strong men in it. When I contacted you about this, you asked if I was crushing on them; then answer is yes. Every day when I come to the office, all I can think about is how strong they are. Then I  fantasize about them ordering me around and taking me over their knees and spanking me.

I want them not only to be my daddy, and put me in pink diapers for everyone to see, but to be their sissy and slave. Everyone, including our secretary to know that I am a sissy faggot. Last month I went to the bondage store that you had sent me previously- where they dressed me up in a pink tutu- and bought a slave collar with the word “SLAVE” on it. I buttoned up my dress shirt over it and wore it to the office. I was so so so tempted to unbutton the top or next two buttons so that everyone could see that I was wearing a slave collar. Every day I think about how I could come out to them so that.


I can be the office sissy and personal servant. I would not only do their work for them, and take dictation sitting on their knees, but kiss their feet and worship their bodies. Maybe one of them would take me to a local tattoo parlour and get a tramp stamp with their name on my ass or shave my baby private parts and put the tramp stamp there or put a pink bow on my little cock. Maybe they would give me a new feminine name, or just call me by real name so that I would be humiliated and shamed on a daily basis. do you think everyone here already knows I am such a sissy faggot or should I come out to them in some way? Can you advise me, please?

spanking phone sex

Mom Phone Sex

mom phone sex


Son! Are you watching mom again? Why do you like watching mommy change so much? My garter belt and stockings? You like them that much? Why didn’t you say so sweetheart mommy would have let you see them without you having to spy on me. Want to come over here and touch them?

Feel out the nylon stockings rub against mommy’s smooth skin. Pull down my panties little one so you can see my garter belt without anything in the way. Doesn’t mommy look good like this? I know you think so, mommy can see how hard your little cock has gotten in your pants. Why don’t you show mommy your hard dick? She will let you rub your cock all over her stockings. Doesn’t that feel good baby, having mommy’s nylon stockings rub against you dripping are cock while you grip her garter belt? Cum all over my stockings love, show me how much you love them.

There you go, good boy, I am so glad that you like the way that they feel that poor little cock of yours! Do you really think that mommy would be okay with this? With her bad boy doing naughty things and then putting his little cock all over his mommies stockings? Come on now bad boy get on your knees now and stroke that little thing for me with my nylons I want you to make it really hard for me. No, you are not allowed to cum yet, hell you may never be allowed too! Do you really think that you deserve after you should be in bed not rubbing yourself with mommies stockings damn bad ass boy! Now call mommy and let’s get started with this phone sex fun we are going to have! Call me!

mom phone sex

Watersports Phone Sex


watersports phone sex


Look you must be very thirsty and I know something that will quench your thirst. I know how much of a watersports fetish you have don’t I! Now I want you to get on your knees and beg me to let you drink my pee right from my pussy like you have dreamed about. So go on getting on your knees. “ Please Mistress let me drink your pee!” he exclaimed. Aww too bad I don’t believe you want it that bad. “No Mistress I do, I want it like I have never wanted it in my entire life!

Please” he pleaded! Aww, of course, you can have it now come here and put your mouth around my pussy so you can make sure not to waste a drop of it. You Don’t Want to know what will happen if you let any drops escape! A major punishment is what you will receive am I clear? You know better than to waste any of my sweet honey. You know what will happen if you do I will bend you over my knee and give you a good spanking. Then I will climb on top of your face and pee.

I will make you drink every last drop of it. You will be my pussy licking, piss drinking little bitch. Now get on your knees now and lick and drink all of it. I want you to be an obedient sissy to me and make sure that I am pleased in all ways. You will make sure that I am pleasured in ways that I have never been pleased before. Make me cum now hard I am ready for you. My clit is throbbing right now just waiting for your phone call. Now call me I am waiting.

watersports phone sex

Mommy Phone Sex Operator

mommy phone sex MOMMY PHONE SEX FUN 

I’d love to be your mommy phone sex operator in your extreme phone sex fantasy. We’ll start our fantasy phone sex scenario in the bathroom. You’re my barely legal son and we’re taking a bubble bath together. I’m leaning against the side of the tub with my legs open and you’re snuggled up to me. My erect nipples are pressing into your back and you press your bare butt into my pussy. The warmth of the water and the silkiness of the bubbles are intoxicating and we both are feeling very erotic. I reach for your young little pick and start cock stroking. As you turn your head and look at me I press my soft lips against yours urging you to open your mouth. My tongue finds yours to share a hot lustful kiss. I tell you to pussy worship mommy’s pussy with your fingers.

I continue cock stroking your dick with one hand as my other find your pedo butt, I use my pinky finger to penetrate your puckered hole and ass worship your sweet little bottom. I’m so turned on from fondling you, I know it’s wrong but it’s so erotic and extreme, I tell you to fist fuck mommy’s cunt, as I jerk you faster… We’re slipping and sliding and the water is splashing but we can’t stop.. You stand up and put your little cock in front of my face, I put it in my mouth and start cock sucking.


You tell me your extreme phone sex fantasy is to fuck mommy’s pussy. I pull myself up and sit on the side of the tub then wrap my legs around your waist. I then guide the tip of your dick to my slit and tell you to cock stroke me. Cum baby, cream for mommy.  I want to make all your extreme phone sex fantasies cum true.

MOMMY phone sex

Queen Of Blackmail Phone Sex

blackmail phone sex


It’s no secret that I’m a Queen! I would consider myself a blackmail phone sex queen. And as a queen I expect the very best from my little loser money slaves. I expect to be pampered, showered with cash, and worshipped. . And that’s just the beginning. Now, even though I expect all my worshippers to give me gifts fit for a queen, there is another layer to this. I love domination, And when I say domination I mean financial domination! Why should someone as sexy as myself ever have to worry about making money or even lifting a finger? You work and slave for a 9-5 job so I don’t have to. And you love it don’t you? Working hard and then thinking about when you come home and decide to deposit that check, you know damn well that you’re going to give it all to me. You can barely keep your apartment up and be going can’t you? You lied to your mother telling her it was just a bad time of the year and of course she helps you with the rent not even realizing that her son is a victim of financial domination phone sex.

When I had gone out with a friend a few months ago to a “nursery” she worked at, I was very interested in all that went on, to say the least. This wasn’t your normal nursery, this was for adult babies or adults that liked to wear diapers. Some wanted to play like they were baby’s again and some just enjoyed being adults but wearing diapers still. I started going in and working part time here too.


Everyone was happy and enjoyed each other’s company here. Playtime was especially fun with the adult babies, but I think some would say they enjoyed lunchtime just as much. There were some adult babies that still needed to be feed in the back room, they liked to breastfeed still and some needed extra attention to get them to relax enough to take their nap after lunch. This is where I liked it the best, I always loved to breastfeed and I was very good at soothing babies that had a hard time with taking naps. If you need soothing or feeding give mommy a call and I can help you too. Can’t wait to see you!

blackmail phone sex

Spoiled Princess Phone Sex with Rochelle

spoiled princess phone sex
Since I have realized the power that I have over a man and just how much they are willing to do for me I am all about Princess Phone Sex. Just look at me, Can you really not tell that I am a spoiled princess and deserve the world? I am so sexy and special that every man should be willing to just hand me over their wallet and let me buy anything I want. I bet you couldn’t handle a Princess like myself am I to high class for you? Let me warn you, I am not a cheap girl.  I am a Princess and I demand and expect to be treated that way. If you do not have your wallet ready to give me what I want then I may not be the Princess for you.
Financial Domination Phone Sex is my speciality.. That is why I am telling you if you do not get that wallet out and start spoiling me or paying my bills. I will turn my back on you and find a real man that can handle someone as special as me, or maybe you will regret it when I humiliate you and make you feel like the most worthless and pathetic man that ever stepped into this world. Would you really want to feel like that? I am sure you wouldn’t so get that wallet out and ready for me NOW!
Now it’s time to get back to me telling you how much of a naughty and demanding Princess Phone Sex bitch I am. You will! get on your knees right now and take your wallet out and give me a call so you can give me exactly what I want and spoil me like I deserve. I will be waiting for your call so I can tell you all the things that I want and need. If you don’t give me what I want you will regret every minute of your life! LOL

                                                                  Worthless loser better have my money 

Orgasm Denial Phone Sex

orgasm denial phone sex


I think it’s time to put your self-restraint to the ultimate test by making you my next victim for some orgasm denial phone sex! Let’s see how long you can stand that cock of yours being milked to the brink of cumming. Then stopping just before you’re put over the edge!

Even pure pleasure can be turned into cruel torture when you deny the satisfaction of allowing someone to cum. The very thought of being pleasured over and over without the ability to cum is enough to drive any person mad! You’d be surprised how helpless and desperate a man can become when they’re not allowed to cum. They turn themselves into a slave phone sex to their sexual urges to the point where they’d do anything asked of them if it means they get to cum.


So you’ll always have the upper hand in this situation all you need now is the unlucky sucker looking for cum denial phone sex! So now I know that is what you want to pick the phone up and be ready to take the test. Do you remember the last time you were tortured? Maybe even denied anything that your heart desired? I hope so because that is exactly what is going to happen to you. I will have your fucking world going around and around wondering what I am going to do with you. Hell, I may not even ever let you cum! Do you really think that you should ever be allowed too? Now pick the fucking phone up right now and let’s get this humiliating phone call going for you! Remember if you can not handle a bitch like me! Then it is best you do not pick that phone up, slave!

orgasm denial humiliation phone sex