Family Fun Phone Sex with Sophia Snow



You wake up in the middle of the night hungry, so you
stumble still a little sleepy into the kitchen. Suddenly
you are wide awake when you catch a sight of your mother bent over in her sexy panties and lacy purple bra in front of the fridge also looking for something to eat.Meanwhile your just standing there staring and your cock starts to get hard. You know you always wanted to fuck your mom. Ever since you
saw her in the shower a few nights back. I know what
your thinking I want me some Family Fun Phone Sex

Suddenly mommy looks over and sees you staring and
also sees your rock hard cock. 

Come on son let’s get
that taken care of. ” I say as I point toward that
hard prick of yours.I lead you into the bedroom and to the bed. Mommy
takes off your shirt,then those,tight blue boxers as
you crawl into bed. I start to slowly stroke that hard
dick eventually getting faster and faster to get it
nice and rock hard.

Once that cock is hard I stop, Take off my sexy panties
practice your Oral Pleasure Phone Sex like the
good son that you are. Flicking that tongue over
top my clit watching me squirm and moan. I pull
you up off my dripping pussy. You help me get my bra
off by clipping the back as the straps slide off my
shoulders and then it falls to the floor. I pull you
toward me and you go and suck on my nipples.”Stick
your throbbing teenage cock in my waiting pussy!”
You stick your teenage cock in my wet mommy pussy. “Oh
yes mom it feels so good!” “Don’t stop son don’t stop!”
As we both climax together. After that we cuddle up together
and fall fast asleep. ” Don’t tell your dad about this.”
“Yes mommy. I wanna do this again tomorrow.”
“we will see honey” I say with a chuckle as we both drift
off to sleep.

If this makes your cock hard then definitely call in
and have some Incest Phone Sex with me!

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Submissive Phone Sex Fantasies


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Hey, there all you submissive phone sex boys! I am demanding that you all call me right now to dominate phone sex. When men call me  I command as well as dominate my expectations. And of course, all of the attention I desire. I will always get everything I need and desire. I will take whatever means necessary to get the desired results. You sissy boy’s and cuckold men had better get ready for some hardcore twisted humiliation phone sex. For all of you men who are really nasty little closet faggots


. I will fuck you real hard with my big nine-inch strap-on cock toy and by the time I’m done with your man pussy, it will be so sore and red and very stretched out. You will definitely be begging and pleading for me to stop. I won’t stop though, only when I have had enough and am satisfied will I stop. And, guess what?  All that will do is make me be a nastier more wicked bitch. I will punish you severely and give your ass a spanking that will bring tears to your eyes when you remember it but I will be laughing the entire time.


Torture phone sex is also a speciality of mine as well as CBT and cock teasing. I am a true mistress with lots of twists and turns and full of many surprises. So all you pathetic weirdos need to watch out. I will soon own your mind body and soul while you are on a phone sex call with me. I truly have no limits and will give you a quality phone sex session that you will not forget. Dial your mistress right now for a fucking good time!

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Butt Plug Phone Sex

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Man if a girl has never had a butt plug used on her then she does not know what she is missing. The hottest thing ever is when the guy sticks them inside of your ass. Then starts fucking you and as soon as he knows you are about to cum he pulls them out. That will make you orgasm and squirt all over the place. The first time I ever had it done it hurt my ass. Some to have the beads put in there but once they were in and he started fucking me. I could feel myself start to cum.


Soon as I told my man that I was cumming he has begun to pull them out, and right then I exploded all over his cock, squirting all over the place.Then he shoved them back into my ass and went down and began licking my cunt and the same thing pulled them out when I was ready to cum. Those beads are just amazing, and if you have never used them before then you damn sure better, I promise it will be the best time of your life.

Now, some guys are going to say they won’t do it or even like it just like my boyfriend did. But, I promise you that if you can just get them to do it, or do it to them anyway. They will love it! Lay your man down on the bed and spread his legs and go down and start to suck and lick his cock and balls spitting to make sure that his balls are getting wet but also so some of the spit is going down between his ass cheeks. Once you have it very wet down there, slide those anal beads right into his tight ass. Now, make sure you are still sucking or they won’t like it. Do the same thing he did to you, soon as you know he is about to pull them out. But, watch out because you will be getting double the size of the load of cum you normally get. Call me and tell me all about your butt plug experiences whether you used them on someone else, or they used them on you! I want to hear it all!

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Adult Baby Phone Sex

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My adult baby has been sucking his thumb which I know is not a good habit. He started sucking it when he lost his pacifier one day, but now he has been sucking it almost all the time. My adult baby sucks his thumb when he is tired, while he’s eating, even while I’m changing his diaper. He basically sucks his thumb all day. When I asked him, before bedtime one night, why he’s been sucking on his thumb so much, he told me that it makes him feel better. He told me that he worries a lot and that sucking his “thumb-thumb makes all the bad thoughts go bye-bye.”

So I thought about it and decided that if it makes him feel better, I’m going to let my little one suck his thumb. I even bought him a little stuffed animal that also sucks his thumb. He was so happy when I gave it to him. He squeezed it tight and named it “Binky.” I told my ABDL that he could keep sucking his thumb until “Binky” stopped sucking his.

So now at night, we cuddle on the couch while I read him a story, as he holds “Binky” and sucks his thumb loudly with a lot of sucking noise and drool. Seeing my ABDL happy puts a smile on my face. I love when my little adult baby knows how to make mommy happy. I take him to the bed so I can read to him a little book he likes. Kissing him on the cheek every once in awhile until he is fast asleep cuddling up close to mommy and her breasts in his face. Mommy knows just have to make her little one happy, doesn’t she? Call mommy now so she can make you happy.


Prostitution Phone Sex

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I ran into an old acquaintance of mine the other day and it didn’t take me long to find out that he wanted prostitution phone sex and I was more than happy to oblige him. I went out of my way to dress just a slutty as I could. Before he called I took a look at myself in the mirror and admired the way the extremely short blue skirt I was wearing hugged my tight round ass. The sweeping neckline showed plenty of cleavages and the thigh highs just touched my ass cheeks as they peeked out from under the hem of my skirt perfectly.


I love to look at myself in my thigh highs with my ass in the air when I’m taking a pounding from one of my many young hotel johns.I am such a cum whore that being a prostitute works beautifully for me. I love strolling the streets and local bars for johns. Sometimes they don’t even want to take the time to go to a room and so we just walk out into the alley and I squat down and blow them right there with cars and people walking right by. I just swallow their jizz and take their money.

I have lots of slutty hot stories to tell you about my days and nights fucking my johns. Then I will make you blow your hot load too just like they do. Don’t you think that would be hot as hell? We could even do a roleplay phone sex call where you are my John and I am your whore. I mean, after all, I am your whore anyway over the phone when you are paying for me to please you even though you are pleasing me as well. Call me now.

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Cougar Phone Sex with Shawna Reese

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It is so good to be me sometimes, especially when it comes to having MILF Phone Sex with my young boys. I am rather old with adult children. Yet when I go out dancing with my daughter, I spend most of the night being surrounded by boys her age. They love to get me all worked up for some nasty fun. I want you to call me so I can tell you all about how those boys grope me and try to get sexual with me. The lights are dim, and I can feel fingers plunging into me, boys sucking my tits. It isn’t too long before I am rushing them to the bathroom to have their cocks inside of me. I am aching to feel their cocks plunging into me.


It is not too long before they have me bent over and they’re shooting their loads into me. I just can’t wait to get home and tell all of my dirty customers that want to hear about it. Sometimes I have guys that call me want to role play family fun with me. These boys have Erotic Fantasy Phone Sex that involve fucking their moms. Some of them have already played that fantasy out, but others are just too scared. Don’t be scared! I want you to use me for our mother-son phone sex call. Sometimes when they are feeling really bad they are in the mood to force their “mom” to fuck.


I often  beg them not to. It is all part of the fantasy. I can assure you, that your cock will be aching and desire to squirt. Mom is the nastiest of all, and I am just dying to have your baby making juices all over me and inside of me. Do you want to invite your friends over to son? So they can all feed me and squirt their loads. I want you to see that mom is willing to do whatever it takes just to make you cum real hard. Nasty  Phone Sex is what I do!

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Dirty Phone Sex with Helena Dawn


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I just adore having dirty phone sex with all of my little adult baby playmates! Whether I’m your babysitter taking care of your little boy bottom, your mommy who diapers you every night and lets you nurse on her hard nipples before she tucks you in, or that girl next door who helps that mature neighbor get powdered and changed, believe me, I am everything you need. Let mommy take you shopping with me. Let all those strangers see you as an adult wearing a big, puffy diaper. Wear those little girl booty shorts that will show your diaper off. You know how much I love embarrassing you!


I’ll take special care of you when we get home, rubbing lots of nice lotion all over that hard cock and all around your bottom before I slip on a nice soft diaper. I bet you love getting little boners in your adult baby phone sex diapers. Once your soil yourself, I’ll take you in the nice warm bath with me to get you nice and clean, stroking that cock with the soap and I’ll let you run the soap all over my big tits and wet pussy like a good boy. We all know how much you just love your incest phone sex mommy.


Then I’ll dry you off with a soft towel and lay you on the bed, and while I’m changing you, I love to feel your golden showers squirt up all over my face when I am trying to get that diaper on you! Come baby lets get your pajamas on! You know it’s bedtime and time to be rocked to sleep. So if you are in need of some diaper, babysitter, mommy, or Family Fun Phone Sex.

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Gang Bang Phone Sex with Marlene Star


Let me tell you about my Gang Bang Phone Sex fantasies.I posted an ad in the newspaper today looking for at least twenty men to do some work on my house. They are all going to be I told them that I wanted them to be in complete control. They could do anything they wanted to me. There would be no limits at all. As long as they promised to each have a turn with me. To make sure all my holes were filled with cum and to not leave any hole out.


They all agreed, I stood up and took all my clothes off and then got on my hands and knees in doggy style position I figured it would be the best position to be in for them to be able to get to all my holes. They all stood up and pulled their cocks out. Within a few seconds, I had each one of my holes filled with cocks, and soon all my holes had cum inside of them.

One by one they kept switching in and out until was so full of their cum and then they did not stop there, though. They wanted to give me one last nasty fucking time before they all left they ordered me to my knees and they made a big circle around me and jacked off and when they were ready to cum they shot it on my face, in my hair, and my mouth. Anywhere they wanted too as long as I was a cum filled slut I did not care at all.Cum Slut Phone Sex is the best.


You are in for a surprise though since I was looking for Gang Bang Phone Sex. They all show up within minutes apart. They were all trying to figure out why I had each one of them just waiting. Once all of them were there I told them what I placed the ad for. I figured some of them would leave when I said it. But, they all just looked at one another and started saying they were down for it.

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Ms Desdemona

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There is something about making a pathetic sissy loser join in on one of my heated cuckold phone sex sessions that just really makes my cunt drip. My daddy used to sneak into my room when he thought I wasn’t looking just to watch my big nigger boyfriend give it to me like the greedy cock whore I was. But I saw him alright, I put a show on for him. I would drop to my knees open wide and make sure he saw me gagging and choking on that dick. There came a time when I actually started telling my boyfriend just what a little dick loser my dad was. For some reason telling him about my dad being a cucky turned him on even more and made him squirt harder and deeper than I had ever felt.


I figured it wouldn’t be too long before my Daddy wouldn’t be able to just sit by quietly and would ache to join in on the cuckold phone sex fun. That is exactly what he did! My nigger boyfriend was really pounding me away from behind. Driving his thick dick deep into my tight little asshole. I could hear the huffing and pant like a dog in fucking heat. I knew he was close to blowing, so I just told him to come on out daddy. Then I know you’re in my closet jerking it…” He came out, with his pants around his ankles. Looking like a queer fucking loser. He knows he has no chance of ever sticking it in me, but I did want him to join in another way.


My big black cocked boyfriend pulled out of me and shoved his nigger dick deep into my dad’s mouth. “Suck it, bitch…” I watched my dad’s eyes bulge as he swallowed that big snack dick, or he had attempted to. His eyes were watering, spit running down his chin and hitting his little pecker. He has a baby-sized cock that he was just walking away at it. I saw my man grab him by the head and start to face fuck him like he was his own personal cunt. All of a sudden I saw dads eyes widen even more. I saw that nigger cock squirting his load and I just couldn’t help myself. Fingers in my cunt, I was squirting right along with him, watching my Daddy turn into my personal little sissy slave.

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Shemale Phone Sex with


Even though I am a Shemale Phone Sex girl I love women! I know most people say that we like men. But, I love women as well as men. I love to lay a woman down on her back and lick her pussy and suck her clit. I love to reach up and rub her clit and make it nice and hard. When that is done I love to work my way up and suck on her nipples making sure they are nice and hard. I know that usually makes them nice and wet. I love a wet pussy.

I can never resist a hot wet pussy. I love to go down there and lick and suck until I get myself some Squirting Phone Sex fun going on. I make sure to lick up all the juices. I then love to take her legs up over my shoulders and fucking pound that fucking cunt away until I feel her squirt on me even more. After that, I go back down there and lick and clean all her juices up there too. Most women love us especially the lesbians because they love tits, ass and big dicks.


Do you think you can handle a big dick phone sex girl like me? I hope so cause I will rock your world and make you my little slut! Do you think you can handle me? Now don’t get me wrong here I love to fuck men hard in their asses too. I will pound them away and make them my little fucking slut. Are you going to call me right now so we can fuck hard tonight? I promise you and I will have so much fun you are going to be my fucking little slut. Now bend over and be ready for my cock tonight.


BBC Phone Sex with Monique Rae


There are two things that I love BBC Phone Sex  and basketball. Last season I was so excited when my brother for my birthday my brother gave me floor seats to see the Kentucky Wildcats play ball. It was the best gift I could get. I was so excited to see all those big black cocks running up and down the court. Mmmm oh yes this girl was more than ready for this game. I was dressed in my tight ass jeans and my favorite UK tee scoop neck tight fitting and hugging my ample tits just perfectly. Of Course, I didn’t have a bra so my tits were perfectly bouncy every time I cheered. My nipples were razor sharp, hard and visible.


It was a very exciting game, and I was most def getting noticed by the players.With every bounce someone took notice. I like my men big dark and hard. Right now I was in BBC lover heaven. Right in front was about a dozen big black cocks getting all hot and sweaty. The Wildcats were already having a high season so the guys were pumped. At halftime, I wasn’t a bit surprised when the mascot delivered a note saying the team would like to invite me to the after game celebration. I got instantly wet. I was going to get more than my fill of BBC Phone Sex tonight.


For the rest of the game, I cheered, bounced and showed my love of the match. I was excited for the after party, so I wanted to make sure the guys on the court knew I was their biggest fan for sure. My motor was def purring I really couldn’t wait for that BBC. I only saw those thick cocks with fat mushroom heads running up and down the court as they were later going to be pumping in and out of my wet mouth and cunt. I really can’t wait to tell you all about my night!! Best BBC lover fuck fest ever!!!

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Orgasm Denial Phone Sex With Mistress Miranda

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I think it’s time to put your self-restraint to the ultimate test by making you my next victim for some orgasm denial phone sex! Let’s see how long you can stand that cock of yours being milked to the brink of cumming. Then stopping just before you’re put over the edge!

Even pure pleasure can be turned into cruel torture when you deny the satisfaction of allowing someone to cum. The very thought of being pleasured over and over without the ability to cum is enough to drive any person mad! You’d be surprised how helpless and desperate a man can become when they’re not allowed to cum. They turn themselves into a slave phone sex to their sexual urges to the point where they’d do anything asked of them if it means they get to cum.


So you’ll always have the upper hand in this situation all you need now is the unlucky sucker looking for cum denial phone sex! So now I know that is what you want to pick the phone up and be ready to take the test. Do you remember the last time you were tortured? Maybe even denied anything that your heart desired? I hope so because that is exactly what is going to happen to you. I will have your fucking world going around and around wondering what I am going to do with you. Hell, I may not even ever let you cum! Do you really think that you should ever be allowed too? Now pick the fucking phone up right now and let’s get this humiliating phone call going for you! Remember if you can not handle a bitch like me! Then it is best you do not pick that phone up, slave!

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