Sex Toys Phone Sex with Princess Krystal

Sex Toys Phone Sex with Princess Krystal
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SEX TOYS phone sex

Will your cock only get hard Sex Toys Phone Sex play?  If that’s the case call my extreme phone sex line and let’s get started. I’ve got a toy box full of perversion for all kinds of occasions. I’ve got vibrators, dildos, and strap-ons of all shapes and sizes for those into anal phone sex play.


I even got a closet full of pretty lingerie for all the panty boys, sissies and crossdresser phone sex whores. Were you thinking of something a little more perverted? I’ve got whips, canes and chains for the pervs as well. I’m a total No Limits Phone Sex playmate so don’t be shy, let it all out and tell me your kink!


All my closet faggot phone sex sluts put on a matching bra and panty set or go all out with stockings, garter belt an heels and make-up too. Do you feel like a woman now? Is your pussy all wet and is your city tingling? Good my little sissy phone sex slut, pull those panties down then bend over, I got a dildo just the right size I’ll work it up your pussy and give it a fucking or would you rather me use my strap on phone sex cock? Where are all my CBT Phone Sex freaks? I’ll tie up that tiny dick and balls then use some alligator clips for an extra touch, after that I’ll use my wooden paddle to slap your dick until you squirt then I’ll lock your cock in your chastity cage.

sex toys Phone Sex

BDSM Phone Sex

BDSM Phone Sex
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bdsm phone sex


To me, BDSM, cuckolding, and incest to me is very much a Twisted Phone sex call. Even though over the phone, I think most phone activities are not only physically stimulating but very much mentally stimulating. I actually believe that to bring the highest pleasure, in any activity, I would think that most erotic pleasures are ones that stimulate the body, and most of all is the brain.

Being that I feel my most gratifying calls are ones where I can be a Dominatrix, I have known who I am as a superior since I was very, very young. I don’t have to be verbally abusive, but to me, sensuous dominance delivers far more guidance than screaming, and barking orders! I don’t need to be a bitch, I just need to be in control.When you have lived the lifestyle for many years, I believe is one of the factors in this equation, that can teach a subservient man, or woman, the knowledge I have in BDSM, cat tailing, masturbation, tease and denial, and most of all how to act in the appropriate way.


So, if you have found yourself looking for a woman that actually understands the fine art of control, and guidance in the BDSM lifestyle, then call me. I will take you on BDSM Phone Sex With Mistress sub Seeker wind whirl art of feminization. Call me a let’s get right to how and why I am the ultimate Dominatrix. I will be the one that controls you and your orgasms. I can not wait till you call so I can share all my crazy BDSM fantasies with you! You will not believe the twisted things that I have on my mind every day! I am sure it will turn you on but scare you at the same time.


CBT Phone Sex

CBT Phone Sex
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Are are you dialling my phone chat line for a CBT phone sex session? Well, not so fast you sissy boy phone sex slut I have a jew requirements before you call. First of all let me remind you, this is the real deal and not for the faint of heart. Get ready to succumb to my tortuous ways, after all, I’m a phone sex dominatrix my thing is to humiliate, break and use you, you’ve been put on this earth for my pleasure and amusement, and by no means, I will allow you any pleasure only pain. We’re doing “phone sex” you pathetic weakling so don’t waste my time calling without having the “tools” needed to bust your family jewels, My suggestions are a candle, matches, rubber bands, clothes pins, wooden spoon and my favourite q-tips and icy hot.


I’m your phone sex mistress and you’re a fucking loser begging for CBT phone sex so listen up, you’ll obey my every word if you want that sorry ass dick stretched and pinched. Place your receiver close to that little nubbie I want to hear you use the wooden spoon spanking phone sex on your dick. Now tie your balls tightly with rubber bands, clamp the clothespins to the full length of your shaft. Slap your pitiful manhood with the spoon. Your blood-curdling scream makes my wet pussy phone sex gush in amusement.


Now for some hardcore phone sex playing while torturing your pitifully little dick. This will send you to your edge, I’ll forced phone sex you until you do as I say. Dip the q-tips into the icy-hot then force them down your piss hole, Burns doesn’t it? I see tears welling in your eyes, just wait, now light the candle hold it in under your package, hehe…It makes me laugh. You’re not done with CBT phone sex! Hold the lit candle on its side let the hot wax drip onto your cock and balls! Now doesn’t that bust your balls?

cbt phone sex