Blackmail Phone Sex with Mindee

blackmail phone sex


It’s no secret that I’m a Queen! I would consider myself a blackmail phone sex queen. And as a queen I expect the very best from my little loser money slaves. I expect to be pampered, showered with cash, and worshipped. . And that’s just the beginning. Now, even though I expect all my worshippers to give me gifts fit for a queen, there is another layer to this. I love domination, And when I say domination I mean financial domination! Why should someone as sexy as myself ever have to worry about making money or even lifting a finger? You work and slave for a 9-5 job so I don’t have to. And you love it don’t you? Working hard and then thinking about when you come home and decide to deposit that check, you know damn well that you’re going to give it all to me. You can barely keep your apartment up and be going can’t you? You lied to your mother telling her it was just a bad time of the year and of course she helps you with the rent not even realizing that her son is a victim of financial domination phone sex.

When I had gone out with a friend a few months ago to a “nursery” she worked at, I was very interested in all that went on, to say the least. This wasn’t your normal nursery, this was for adult babies or adults that liked to wear diapers. Some wanted to play like they were baby’s again and some just enjoyed being adults but wearing diapers still. I started going in and working part time here too.


Everyone was happy and enjoyed each other’s company here. Playtime was especially fun with the adult babies, but I think some would say they enjoyed lunchtime just as much. There were some adult babies that still needed to be feed in the back room, they liked to breastfeed still and some needed extra attention to get them to relax enough to take their nap after lunch. This is where I liked it the best, I always loved to breastfeed and I was very good at soothing babies that had a hard time with taking naps. If you need soothing or feeding give mommy a call and I can help you too. Can’t wait to see you!

blackmail phone sex

Lesbian Phone Sex with Marilyn Sue

lesbian phone sex

I have to tell you about the dream I had all about lesbian phone sex! So okay, here I was at the bar. I was sipping on my mojito, checking out a few much older men across the room. When this woman comes up and sits beside me. She was gorgeous, but I was not interested in being with a woman. I just never found women to be attractive or sexy to me. But she certainly had it in for me. She was all over me giggling and whispering naughtiness.


I guess I was slipped something in my drink because, after a while, she had me on the dance floor. Bumping and grinding against my pussy. I knew I would be in trouble when I looked at her chest and fell in love with big tits phone sex. I was so jealous of how big her tits were compared to mine. Really, I just wanted to touch them, I wanted to feel her nipples fill my mouth. Right there on the dance floor, I didn’t care who watched me.


Putting my mouth on her neck, I started to suck gently. Yea baby, I am not lesbian but I wanted her mouth all over me. She took me by the hand and drug me to the bathroom. Pushed me up against the wall and ripped my panties down. She slammed her fingers into my really wet pussy and finger fucked me till I was squirting all over her hands and face. Then she took her panties down and pushed my mouth against her hairy cunt. Oh man, the feeling of a clit in my mouth. I had never known such joy til now. I knew I would be in trouble in this lesbian phone sex dream!!!

lesbian phone sex

Fucking Phone Sex

fucking phone sex


I fucking love football and my favourite quarterback was back this week it was so fun watching him throw that ball. Sure do wish I could do something with his balls. I have fantasized about it all the time. You would love for him to be standing there on the field about to throw the ball when he notices this girl dressed in a sexy cheerleader uniform about to suck on his dick and get it so hard. She does not stop even after he is trying to get the game going. She tells him to let her make him cum first. He throws the balls down and grabs me by the hair and shoves my face down by his balls and tells me to suck them like a good whore.


I go down there and suck and lick them as I feel his precum dripping on my forehead. I do not care though I love the warm sensation dripping down. Once he is about to cum he grabs me by my hair again and shoves his big cock down my throat and makes me swallow his big fat load. I never waste any cum either. I gulped it all down allowing him to make me his little cum dumpster. Even though he has to go home after the game to his wife he will be thinking about me I know. Even when she is doing the naughty things she does to him all he will be able to think about it that hot cheerleader that sucked him off.

My girlfriends and I that are cheerleaders too have decided that if they win the big championship game this year we are going to congratulate them by sucking them off. We will then all lay down and allow them all to have their way with us. As long as they promise to make us their cum sluts. I know all of them will go home only thinking about how we rocked their worlds hell some of them may not even want to return to their wives once they get some of this good ole cheerleader pussy.

fucking phone sex

Extreme Fetish Phone Sex

extreme fetish phone sex


I think the whole extreme fetish phone sex community knows by now that dominating and forced age regression of men is my most gratifying form of punishment I use and in my opinion the most effective too. I guess having that kind of level over someone can be intoxicating. And what better way is there to control a person than to regress them back to the stage of infancy?

You just have to keep boring the idea in their head that they are helpless and need you. I find the ones who try to fight it are always the most satisfying to break. It’s almost like psychological hypnotization. If you tell a person something enough times they’ll start to believe it’s true. And once you get them to that state of mind that’s where the fun really begins.

If you manage to properly regress them then you can move onto more extreme forms of domination. Regression can easily be turned into emasculation and once they’re emasculated you can move onto feminization and then finally full-on sissification! It’s a process but it’s beyond worth it in the end. I know you will truly enjoy the places that I will be taking you. You will have the most amazing fetish phone sex call you could ever imagine. My words will take you to a whole other level where you will be changing into things you couldn’t imagine. I will have you emasculated and wanting to be my feminized bitch to have nothing but wild fun with. Do you think that you can even handle that? Do you dare call someone as intoxicating to me to regress you back? I dare you now to pick your phone up and call me now and let’s get started.

extreme fetish phone sex

Exhibitionist Phone Sex

Exhibitionist Phone Sex

Summertime is the best time or exhibitionist phone sex. My favourite way to spend the day is with a cooler full of drinks and some food with my favourite horny fuck buddy down at this beach I know about that is supposed to be secluded. After a while in the sun, you notice my skin turning red from the sun. Being the sweet guy you are, you pick up a bottle of suntan oil and start rubbing my shoulders.


Reaching behind me you untie the strings of my bikini exposing my breasts to the warm sun. You lay me down on the beach towel and start rubbing oil all over my back and breasts and then my stomach and legs. Leaning in for a passionate kiss your hands slowly drift down my body towards my now very wet cunt. You slip your fingers into my bikini bottoms. Parting my legs to give you better access to finger and lick my slit. I welcome your warm fingers inside me with a big moan. Mmmmm. I turn my head and let out another sexy, slutty moan wanting so much more. But, out of the corner of my eye, I notice we were not alone anymore. Let’s have some no taboo phone sex fun.


I see a stranger from a distance starting to move closer. Then I flash him a devilish smile as I traced my fingers over hard nipples. Welcoming him to cum join us for some hot summer fun. He joins us and you both go to work on me. You slip off the bikini bottoms and continue licking my cunt as he pulls out his cock, straddles me and slides it between my tits poking the head in my mouth. I hear something and as I glance over to see what it is I realize we have not been alone at all. We have been putting on a show for quite a few people. They seem amused and I get such a rush performing for a crowd.

Exhibitionist Phone Sex

Extreme Phone Sex


extreme phone sex

Being barely legal nobody even my boyfriend of six months did not expect me to be into extreme phone sex slut. He had confessed to me his secret rape fantasy. So one night I decided I would make his fantasy a reality. I invited him over with the promise of a no taboo fuck session. When he got there I whispered in his ear that I wanted him to force me to fuck him. His eyes lit up! I looked down and his cock was rock hard. I told him I wanted a hardcore fucking. So he pushed me down and tied my hands to the bed. He said are you sure there are no limits?


I nodded and he took his dick out and smacked my face with it. He then started spanking my ass until it was bright red. He must have really gotten into the role because he said: “if you stay quiet this will go a lot easier on you”. He then picked up my vibrating strap on phone sex toy and rammed it into my ass. He then jammed his throbbing cock deep into my soaking wet cunt. I moaned so loud feeling full with both of my fuck holes filled with hard cocks. He pulled my hair back and started biting on my big tits.


I whimpered in satisfaction. This must have sent him over the edge because all of a sudden he let out a moan and forced his fuck stick further inside me as he dropped a hot and sticky load of cum deep inside my pussy. After that, he lay beside me smiling. Call me baby let’s have some fun tonight now.

extreme phone sex

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex

small penis humiliation phone sex

It’s true what they say about blondes having more fun, especially in small penis humiliation phone sex. I have come to know and love all of our clients here at TPF. Especially the ones that have little itty bitty cocks and know it! What’s the point of trying to hide the fact that your tiny prick isn’t even as big as a fat woman’s clit? Ha didn’t you ever wonder where the term “clit dick” came from? I have seen fucking shemales with bigger cocks than what you have. They love that they have the best of both worlds.


But you my dear friend, you don’t even have the best in one world! It must suck to know you will never be able to pleasure a woman with that pathetic piece of skin hanging between your legs. With two little shrivelled up shits beside it, which you think constitute as testicles. Come on guy, you are nothing more than a toilet phone sex slave. That is the only thing I can think of that a woman would have any use for you as. Someone to dispose of her piss and shit as she goes throughout her day.


I realize you will never actually find a woman that wants to marry you and have a relationship with you. But you can probably find a woman that needs to have a permanent fluffer. Someone to follow her around. Be her little bitch per say. You can be her toilet paper, you can be her cum cleaner when she gets done being fucked. Wouldn’t you love a cuckold relationship you worthless excuse of a man? If that sounds like you, then boy have you come to the right girl. I will make sure to use you in all the ways you deserve for having small penis humiliation phone sex.

small penis humiliation phone sex