GFE Phone Sex

GFE Phone Sex
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flirty innocent phone sex


Are you in need of a GFE Phone sex call? Well, I know you are, and I just Love being you Dirty little girl. I Love how you have fantasized about how you long for a sexual release, one that may include some mutual masturbation phone sex. The thought of your cock stroking yourself, and feeling that personable touch, I will show you in our taboo phone sex call. I need it and crave this, and I desire as well. When I am a very kinky down to earth mature woman, One that you won’t be disappointed you want me to be your slut submissive whore; I have no reservations when it comes to pleasing you.

Then I will be that girl you run, one with those big luscious tits, knowing you can push yourself in between them, caress and kiss my thighs my inner thighs. Your girlfriend won’t even let you worship her, let alone worship her hot ass. I too am one that doesn’t get it as often as I need. So we will explore in several fantasies. You do desire a young girl, don’t you? Well, maybe we will explore in some rape fantasies, where we play with one together, make her our sex slave.


After all isn’t this one reason you love the thought of a GFE experience, is so you can be who you want and need to be? Just remember I will discuss anything and everything in our GFE phone sex call. I am sure you will be able to tell at one point in our call, a buzzing sound it’s probably me playing with one of my many sex toys.. I do keep that policy of no limits phone sex when it comes to keeping it real in our GFE phone Sex call.

gfe phone sex

Girlfriend Experience Phone Sex

Girlfriend Experience Phone Sex
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girlfrieend phone sex

I know you are ready for girlfriend experience phone sex with your princess tonight! I love it when you call me when you get home from work and your relaxing in your recliner. We start talking about how your day was. How much I missed you today! I mean we always message one another. We talk during lunch and then over dinners as well! I know you wish i were there right now! Laying my head on your chest while we watch tv! I love cuddling like this with you babe. You are the best ever!


Sliding my hands up to your neck, I pull you down to me! That’s right sweetie, kiss me. Press your lips to mine and let your tongue find my tongue! Slide your hands up under my shirt! Touch me during our sensual phone sex call. I am aching for you to touch me, babe. Make love to me like you have never done before. I promise the rest of my life to make you happy as long as you dominate me and make me yours. I will be your submissive phone sex wife as long as you will have me.


Lay me down in bed slowly. I am going to wrap my legs around you and pull you into me. Slide deep into me and fill me up! No condoms or anything, I just want your cock buried into me. Please baby, make love to me. Thrust into your over the phone girl! No woman will please you like I can. You will see that I am the only woman that you will ever need to call! I will always be here for you baby! No matter when You know that I can make you as happy as ever in GFE phone sex.

girlfriend experience phone sex