Nipple Torture Phone Sex

Nipple Torture Phone Sex
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nipple torture phone sex


Today my alcoholic whore sister found her way into my dungeon of pain and so I offered her some nipple torture phone sex. She is so submissive that she would do anything for a taste of alcohol. I was more than happy to oblige her addiction. First thing I did was strap her to my table, that is when the pain and fun could begin. I grabbed my leather paddle and began to paddle her nipples. 10 on the left nipple and then 10 on the right nipple. At first she didn’t make much noise, but the harder I paddled the louder she got.

I started to pinch her nipples until they became red and swollen. That is when you want to clamp down those nipple devices. Her nipples started to swell and I could see red blood blisters forming. There is nothing like a little extreme pain phone sex to get me all hot and bothered. I chained up to a few weights to the nipple clamps and they pulled her tits even harder. I grabbed my whip and started to paddle her pussy while tears streamed down her face. I knew she would do anything for the pain to subside. I grabbed a bottle of vodka and started to pour some down her throat. The more liquor she had in her system, the more submissive she became.


She started to cry out in pain, her nipples were stretched and long. I pulled off the clamps and bent down towards her chest. I let my fist find her pussy hole. I began fisting her gaping pussy as I bit down on each nipple. Moving my teeth side to side in a saw-like fashion. I wanted her to know what real pain was. She was bleeding from all parts of her body. I knew that there would be more fun in store with her during nipple torture phone sex.

nipple torture PHONE SEX