Cougar Phone Sex with Shawna Reese

cougar phone sex

It is so good to be me sometimes, especially when it comes to having MILF Phone Sex with my young boys. I am rather old with adult children. Yet when I go out dancing with my daughter, I spend most of the night being surrounded by boys her age. They love to get me all worked up for some nasty fun. I want you to call me so I can tell you all about how those boys grope me and try to get sexual with me. The lights are dim, and I can feel fingers plunging into me, boys sucking my tits. It isn’t too long before I am rushing them to the bathroom to have their cocks inside of me. I am aching to feel their cocks plunging into me.


It is not too long before they have me bent over and they’re shooting their loads into me. I just can’t wait to get home and tell all of my dirty customers that want to hear about it. Sometimes I have guys that call me want to role play family fun with me. These boys have Erotic Fantasy Phone Sex that involve fucking their moms. Some of them have already played that fantasy out, but others are just too scared. Don’t be scared! I want you to use me for our mother-son phone sex call. Sometimes when they are feeling really bad they are in the mood to force their “mom” to fuck.


I often  beg them not to. It is all part of the fantasy. I can assure you, that your cock will be aching and desire to squirt. Mom is the nastiest of all, and I am just dying to have your baby making juices all over me and inside of me. Do you want to invite your friends over to son? So they can all feed me and squirt their loads. I want you to see that mom is willing to do whatever it takes just to make you cum real hard. Nasty  Phone Sex is what I do!

cougar phone sex

No Taboo Phone Sex


no taboo phone sex

I am in love with no taboo phone sex, especially brown showers.My first experience was with this guy named John.  He said he was deep into brown showers and anything to do with the bathroom. He loved laying down on the bed and begging me to please come over and squat down and urinate all over his face and mouth and even on his chest. He then pulled me down onto his mouth telling me how much he wanted all my wastes inside of him.


He begged me to push hard, and I farted, and he started to sniff and said he loved how my fart smelled. He stated that he wanted me to keep pushing and when I did a shit log began to come out into his mouth. He opened his mouth wider and begged me to push harder. That is when my shit got out more. He was moaning, and you could see the precum dripping out of his cock because he was so excited to have my delicious sweet smelling shit in his mouth.


Once my shit log was in his mouth and got up and started to ride his cock. He kept sucking on my shit dildo. He was deep throating it just like a woman would when she was sucking a dick. He started to chew it up. He loved eating my shit, and we both came so hard while he was doing it. Now that is some bathroom phone sex Have you ever had this kind of call before? If you like to talk about shit or piss, then I would love to talk to you. It turns me on so much now that I know more about it. I can not wait to do it again especially watching a man such a shit dildo!

no taboo phone sex

BDSM Phone Sex Miss Latex

bdsm phone sex

I’ve got something for the BDSM phone sex boys, a ball gag to keep you quiet. Then hoist you over the rafters from your wrists until your toes are dangling just off the floor. How about some sounds up your piss hole then some electric stimulation wires to the sounds that will surely make your dick tingle. My main goal is to make your cock as hard as a rock with some sex toys phone sex play the extra treat is you cumming harder than ever when you’re playing with me!


Today is the best day for you faggot’s and submissive sissy boy bitches, to get dominate phone sex from me, Miss Latex Mama. You panty boys and cuckold men. It is time for you to get under my wing and my mind control. I will mould you into whatever I want. You will do whatever I say. You will serve me with pleasure. I will give all you perverted men and pedo men, all the kinky and dirty role plays you could possibly ask for. All of you submissive faggots are finally going to get what you deserve.


The question is can you fucking handle my extreme hardcore fantasies? I will have so much power over you I will dominate you. You will empty your wallet for me. I will also give the harshest humiliation and make all your subs drink my golden showers. For all you guys looking for foot fetish, you will suck and bathe my feet in your mouth. I am a dominatrix who offers anything goes phone sex. Finally for all phone sex hard up men I offer you no limits phone sex so pick up your fucking phone now.!! !Call me now do not keep me waiting!

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No Limits Phone Sex

no limits phone sex

It’s no limits phone sex with me baby!, I go all the way when it comes to making your fantasies cum true. When it comes down to some hardcore phone sex loving you need someone that won’t giggle and squeal or blush. You need an extreme phone sex whore that will do what she’s told to go all the way. So that you can experience your best ever anything goes phone sex fuck. My caller wanted to know if I would do a bloody torture rape scenario, well my answer to him was, of course, I’m a no limits phone sex operator, anything goes with me.


With that said we started our role play phone sex fantasy. I was a snuff phone sex film photographer and he was the male lead. Then I used homeless unmarried women and her little ones in my movie. I tied the mother spread eagle to a stainless steel table and started a torture phone sex session when I started cutting her body with my switchblade. I slashed her tits then rammed a butt plug covered in red army ants up her ass. Her underage phone sex daughters were busy cock stroking my caller’s massive 13-inch dong while I called her youngest to the table.

I forced her on her hands and knees straddling her mother then I pulled down her panties and did a rape fantasy phone sex scene. I gave her a good anal phone sex fucking with that coke bottle, I then poured a bottle of rubbing alcohol all over her raw pussy and ass. After I told my caller’s it was his turn now, I forced mommy to put her hands around her daughter’s neck then to start squeezing. My caller shoved his massive cock in the little whore’s pedo pussy and fuck her, my caller went wild when he pulled his cock out and saw it covered in blood, he pounded and plundered her bleeding raw cunt, she screamed bloody murder and that made my caller fuck her harder.


My caller came hard that night and was in his glory. After all his role play phone sex fantasy was exactly the way it played in his mind so many times before. It’s time to call me, your friendly no limits phone sex operator. Let’s get comfortable and do a little mutual masturbation session while we discuss your wildest sexual fantasy, We’ll turn it into a nasty little role play and cum together in extreme phone sex!

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Taboo Phone Sex


taboo phone sex

When you boys are in the mood for something really nasty, you know you can call me for taboo phone sex! Last night while my customer’s wife was at work, he called me. Told me that he had been having real impure thoughts of the secretary at his office. How she seemed to be the ultimate prude and wanted to know if we could role play what he would like to do with her. If he could get away with it and not get into trouble. She dresses up real slutty, but then the second he comes on to her she seems offended. It is mixed signals really.


So I dressed up in my sluttiest skirt and button-up shirt. Something very professional. I put my glasses on and walked into the office. Of course, my boss was sitting behind his desk, as he did every morning, drinking coffee and scrolling the internet. I walked in and offered him the files that I had prepared the night before. Bending over just so he could get a good look at my sexy body. But I stood up and shot him an evil look. no taboo phone sex for your boss and I walked out. I could feel his eyes glued to my ass. I waltzed into my cubical and sat down. Typing away, I didn’t even hear him come up behind me. He grabbed me by my throat and started to unbuckle his pants. I couldn’t speak.


I saw him pull out his incredibly large cock and tell me that if I didn’t suck it, I would be fired immediately. I opened my mouth reluctantly and started to suck. Gentle at first, but I guess I wasn’t doing it hard enough. He grabbed me by my hair and started to face fuck me furiously. I could tell he meant business. My eyes were watering, my glasses falling off my face. I felt my nose running and throat gagging on his dick. He gave me one last pump and I could feel his cum spill into my throat. I made sure to gulp it all up. I didn’t want to leave any evidence behind from my boss raping my throat. I quickly wiped up and went back to work. He walked out, feeling proud of his taboo phone sex fantasy played out.

taboo phone sex

No Limits Phone Sex

no limits phone sex

No limits phone sex is the best phone sex ever. I may be a young girl but I know no limits phone sex is so much fun. I like to bring older men to my direction and show off all my assets. Men of a certain age seem to appeal more to me and I feel are much better lovers. I love the way they just fawn over me. My tight body, my flat little chest and my bald little underage cunt. They see me, and they see a sweet and innocent little whore.


They usually want to take me under their wing and have mind control phone sex. Also, they almost always want me to give them cock tease phone sex. They like to feel superior to me and it keeps their cock real stiff rock hard. Do you want to feel superior to me? Be forceful and sadistic with this teen phone sex slut? I am sure I can please you in all the ways a submissive is supposed to please her master.


Sometimes they get blue balls when I tease them for a long time. I do love doing cock teasing phone sex. But I have to admit I love it. I give all my callers one hundred percent dirty phone sex. Not to mention in our fantasy phone sex calls I bring a lot of detail and enthusiasm and men love it. My pussy stays so wet and creamy getting men hard and making their dicks explode a lot. The more fetish phone sex I get to experience the better my roleplay phone sex is. Call me right now for no limits phone sex. I can’t wait to talk to you men right now.

NO LIMITS phone sex

Nasty Phone Sex

nasty phone sex

Are you really really nasty? I only want a really nasty boy to call me for nasty phone sex baby! One of my favourite nasty boys called me and made me do taboo things to my furry friend, King. If you are reading this, you know who you are. He’s into hot and nasty bestiality, and loves to listen to his favorite submissive slut lick and cock sucking her doggy’s cock, smear peanut butter on my pussy so King licks it with his long, rough tongue, then climb right on top of him and slip his big doggy cock inside my hot, wet pussy.


He loves listening to me to moan as I cum all over doggy’s big cock, and squeeze as King knots up inside me. Then he orders me to lay down and spread so that King can eat my creampie and I squirt in his mouth. My doggy also loves to lick and suck my big tits, making my nipples hard as little rocks. If you want to order my doggy to fuck me, call me today and we’ll have some fun, perverted, no limits, let’s have some nasty phone sex right now!


Now I am hot and bothered by telling you all of this. You need to call me so we can exchange stories and have some fun together. I know before the night is over with you and I will have multiple orgasms. I am going to make sure you and I have so much fun! Do you want to let me fulfil all your wildest fantasies and desires? I hope so because I am ready to get wet, wild and kinky! Call me now baby! Please do not keep me waiting any longer!. Kisses And Hugs!

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