Experienced Woman Phone Sex


Being that I am an experienced Phone Sex whore, I love it when I can explore that sexual side in me in a big tit phone sex call. The thought of having a nice barely legal hot cock rubbing up against them really turns me on. The thoughts and fantasies that we can explore during our call are very erotic to me. I desire and crave my tongue worshipping that cock, makes this mature pussy get so heated. Can’t you just imagine me twisting and pinching at these hard erect big tits and nipples?


The thoughts racing thru my head when you mention how bad you want me to wrap my experienced lips around your young cock. Don’t you want all those things from a mature older woman, that knows just how to please? I do enjoy fucking young cock! I will show you just how it’ done, I know you have contemplated having phone sex, But why not when it’s from the best. Nothing would excite me more knowing how turned on you will get watches my big tits bounce. So lay there relax and watch why a young boy craves a mature older female. Reach up and hold onto them, fondle and suck them in our big tit phone sex call. The nurturing side comes to play when you suckle from them as the grown baby you are. MMM tease them, suck on them, arouse my pink hard nipples!!! “I crave Cum and more Cum” share it with me, rub it all over this sweet mature pussy… Oral sex and mutual masturbation are one of the finer things in life,

You are learning from the best. Slide that index finger and feel this wet juicy cunt, running down, for you to rub on your cock, and start cock stroking it. I can see you are a quick learner. I do see your most favorite part of me is now showed between your cheeks, and you nurse and suckle on those big tits of mine, working that young cock of yours in between them. Then I get so heated and turned on and explore with you in some mutual masturbation, and finish off cumming all over in what I call the most beautiful big tits phone sex call ever!! So hurry to grab that phone so we can get this heated up.

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experienced woman phone sex

Older Woman Phone Sex

older woman phone sex

So you are looking for some older woman phone sex? Do you need an older milf to show you the attention and satisfaction you want? Well look no further, you have found the only woman you will ever need for erotic phone sex. A phone sex virgin called me the other day looking for some instruction in mutual masturbation and I was more than happy to oblige! There is nothing better than telling a younger man how to stroke his hard, young price. Telling him how I would wrap my lips around his throbbing head and show him the best blow job ever.


I took my time to tell him how to use his tongue when it comes to giving a mature woman like me oral phone sex. I wanted to teach him how to make me cum over and over. He was quite the student. He wanted me to guide him to make a woman orgasm and then teach him how to explode with ecstasy. As a much older woman, we like to take our time and really show you how to work it. I love to instruct young men whenever they call. Or maybe You are an older man!  And you have always had a fantasy about your relative of yours. Well, I am the best at exploring your incest phone sex secrets and making them come true.


Maybe you have watched your mother or aunt get undressed and have longed to suck her breast or lick her hairy pussy. I am the one to call to confess your deepest secrets and release all of your inhibitions. I am here no matter what your phone sex fantasies are. So if you need my advice or help, I am here for you! I want you to let everything out and explore everything you have been keeping inside all these years. I am a much older woman who really knows how to please a man. I am here to help you, to guide you and give you the best quality phone sex. So why not call cougar for all of your older woman phone sex needs.

older woman phone sex

Older Experienced Female Phone Sex



I believe a young man in his early 20’s is like an untamed Clyde s Dale. Large and huge and out of control. And I am just the milf phone sex to break that cock in. They are definitely full of energy, and it sure shows in mature phone sex calls. They do need the guidance of an older experienced female, they need help in increasing their stamina.

When younger though you are able to have multiple orgasms. I do with being older I have just become to know my body, and as you will also. Sometimes those young cocks are pre ejaculators. Most older mature females are marathon Fuckers, as to the barely legal boys don’t make it too long. I will teach you all you need to know. If you want to achieve that big O then we need to work on that stamina.


I think from my experience I could put in a room a mix of the older woman, and teach them how to slowly run their hands and start cock stroking gently those young cocks. How to preserve the experience, and not cum so fast. I have been practising this art for a long time. I think I am quite good at it. So if you want to learn a few things from a much older and wiser female that exudes sexiness, and confidence, then you found the right girl. I know once you have exploded, you will know you ran to the best milf, in what I call some heated phone sex.Now I am ready to have some fun! Call me right now and let us get this great night started! I promise you will be satisfied!

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Mature Phone Sex

mature phone sex

It’s a cold afternoon here again and there you are looking to borrow some sugar. I have something much sweeter than sugar for you. You are standing at my front door waiting for me to pour it into the cup. Mature phone sex is just the thing to warm you from the inside out. Why don’t you come in from the cold and let me warm you up by the fire for a while? You can sit down while I get that sugar for you and make you a nice, hot cup of tea.


Then you can stretch out while I kneel down beside you and start to take off your shoes and socks. I pull off your sweatshirt and then manage to pull your jeans down your legs. You don’t need that sugar just yet. I see you staring at my nipples through my white tank top. My nipples are erect and you cup my breast in your hand and rub your thumb over my nub. I can see your cock is rock hard and rigid right now in your boxers and I pull them down over your erection. That twenty-something beautiful cock stares at me and pushes near my mouth as I part my lips so slightly. Give it to me. You know what I want. I know what you want also. My experienced lips ravage your young cock as you moan and thrust your hips your hips.


I love a younger man with a lot of stamina. I love the way you look at me when we’re about to get real nasty and how your cock gets so hard and ready to fuck! I can last for hours with a younger man because I know you can take me for a really long, hard ride with that delicious cock of yours.


Nasty Phone Sex

nasty phone sex

It is no secret that I like spending my nights full of drinking. I love to get drunk and have hot nasty phone sex. I have never been the best-behaved girl in the world, I am just too damn good at being naughty. Why don’t you come join me in my bad behaviour and I will pour us both a drink. My college years were filled with such nasty, naughty fun that I didn’t want to leave it in the past. I love drinking,  but there is something that I love even more. Sex!!! Lots and lots of sex… Have you ever had sex with a girl that was so smashed out of her mind, that she did anything you wanted?


Well, that is me! I offer anything goes phone sex when I have had enough alcohol in my system. Mix drinking and sex and it equals to an absolute euphoria. It’s like alcohol intensifies every little touch, twitch and throb. Making the heat between my legs rise and the pool of my tasty juices get even bigger. With my senses heightened and my inhibitions gone, I am ready, willing and wanting to please you in any way that you want me to!


Alcohol turns me into a hot and horny MILF. I can suck harder, swallow further, stroke length and not only do I want to take every inch of you, I’ll be the first to tell you that I need every bit of your long, thick cock deep inside of me throbbing. Filling every single one of my holes. just thinking about our play time is making me so horny and getting me dripping wet. I can’t wait to give you a wonderful blowjob and have you fill my cunt. I have my drink in my hand, won’t you come join me where there are no limits during drunk phone sex?

nasty phone sex