Two Girl Phone Sex

two girl phone sex

Have you ever had some hot two girl phone sex? Boy, I sure have they are so much fun. I never thought that I would be that interested in it though honestly. Until I met this older lady at the bar the other night. She was all over me trying to get me to have some lesbian fun with her and at first, I pushed her away because I just was not feeling her. The more that she touched me the more that I got turned on and knew that I had to have her right then and there. I must admit yes I was a little wasted. We went into the bathroom where we had some hot fun with one another making out and fondling one another. She said she loved how to dominate I was to her and wanted me to take her home. How could I resist?


When we got home a whole other person came out of her. I couldn’t believe it she was into some wild two girl phone sex. We got to my house and she asked if she could use the bathroom, she took her purse with her. When she came out she was wearing a diaper and had a damn pacifier in her mouth sucking on it like a little one. All I could do was laugh my ass off at her. How pathetic and that is just what I told her. But, she just giggled and got on her back and put her legs up and said she needed to be changed. I figured why not have some fun with it.


May as well have fun with the two girl phone sex we were having right. I took her legs in my hands and spread her legs apart and took her diaper off and wiped her little parts and then I spanked her little bottom for going pee pee in her diaper Naughty little girl. Now she comes over all the time for some hot abdl phone sex fun.

two girl phone sex

Threesome Phone Sex Fun

threesome phone sex

I took my phone right into bed with me this morning when one of my favourite callers was looking for some threesome phone sex with his favourite girl. Whenever he calls, I strip off all of my clothes, lay on my bed, spread my legs and we get busy with some mutual masturbation.


He strokes his cock while he whispers how he would like to bury his face in my pussy for some hot oral sex while I describe how I would give his big dick a good cock sucking. He calls me his mistress! We do a fantasy where his wife walks in just in time to see him pumping me from behind. Just thinking of him doing that to me my pussy is already getting soaking wet. Can you not tell me you never think of things like that? Come on all that sexy shit makes me so damn wet!


At first, she’s shocked and he grabs her. Pull’s her onto the bed and orders me to rip off her clothes. Then to suck her big tits while he’s pounding me. She gets so turned on that she straddles my face and I devour her pussy while her husband is screwing me and he gets so turned on he explodes inside my juicy pussy and she hungrily eats my sweet creampie! Next time, he’s going to call me for a two girl call so we can really get off! You ready for a threesome good time? If so, call me,  for some hot and heavy hardcore phone sex. Why am I still waiting for my phone to ring when I am this excited already baby? Come on the call already let’s get hardcore during our threesome!

threesome phone sex