Submissive Phone Sex Fantasies


kinky phone sex

Hey, there all you submissive phone sex boys! I am demanding that you all call me right now to dominate phone sex. When men call me  I command as well as dominate my expectations. And of course, all of the attention I desire. I will always get everything I need and desire. I will take whatever means necessary to get the desired results. You sissy boy’s and cuckold men had better get ready for some hardcore twisted humiliation phone sex. For all of you men who are really nasty little closet faggots


. I will fuck you real hard with my big nine-inch strap-on cock toy and by the time I’m done with your man pussy, it will be so sore and red and very stretched out. You will definitely be begging and pleading for me to stop. I won’t stop though, only when I have had enough and am satisfied will I stop. And, guess what?  All that will do is make me be a nastier more wicked bitch. I will punish you severely and give your ass a spanking that will bring tears to your eyes when you remember it but I will be laughing the entire time.


Torture phone sex is also a speciality of mine as well as CBT and cock teasing. I am a true mistress with lots of twists and turns and full of many surprises. So all you pathetic weirdos need to watch out. I will soon own your mind body and soul while you are on a phone sex call with me. I truly have no limits and will give you a quality phone sex session that you will not forget. Dial your mistress right now for a fucking good time!

submissive phone sex

Butt Plug Phone Sex

butt plug phone sex

Man if a girl has never had a butt plug used on her then she does not know what she is missing. The hottest thing ever is when the guy sticks them inside of your ass. Then starts fucking you and as soon as he knows you are about to cum he pulls them out. That will make you orgasm and squirt all over the place. The first time I ever had it done it hurt my ass. Some to have the beads put in there but once they were in and he started fucking me. I could feel myself start to cum.


Soon as I told my man that I was cumming he has begun to pull them out, and right then I exploded all over his cock, squirting all over the place.Then he shoved them back into my ass and went down and began licking my cunt and the same thing pulled them out when I was ready to cum. Those beads are just amazing, and if you have never used them before then you damn sure better, I promise it will be the best time of your life.

Now, some guys are going to say they won’t do it or even like it just like my boyfriend did. But, I promise you that if you can just get them to do it, or do it to them anyway. They will love it! Lay your man down on the bed and spread his legs and go down and start to suck and lick his cock and balls spitting to make sure that his balls are getting wet but also so some of the spit is going down between his ass cheeks. Once you have it very wet down there, slide those anal beads right into his tight ass. Now, make sure you are still sucking or they won’t like it. Do the same thing he did to you, soon as you know he is about to pull them out. But, watch out because you will be getting double the size of the load of cum you normally get. Call me and tell me all about your butt plug experiences whether you used them on someone else, or they used them on you! I want to hear it all!

butt plug phone sex

Prostitution Phone Sex

prostitution phone sex

I ran into an old acquaintance of mine the other day and it didn’t take me long to find out that he wanted prostitution phone sex and I was more than happy to oblige him. I went out of my way to dress just a slutty as I could. Before he called I took a look at myself in the mirror and admired the way the extremely short blue skirt I was wearing hugged my tight round ass. The sweeping neckline showed plenty of cleavages and the thigh highs just touched my ass cheeks as they peeked out from under the hem of my skirt perfectly.


I love to look at myself in my thigh highs with my ass in the air when I’m taking a pounding from one of my many young hotel johns.I am such a cum whore that being a prostitute works beautifully for me. I love strolling the streets and local bars for johns. Sometimes they don’t even want to take the time to go to a room and so we just walk out into the alley and I squat down and blow them right there with cars and people walking right by. I just swallow their jizz and take their money.

I have lots of slutty hot stories to tell you about my days and nights fucking my johns. Then I will make you blow your hot load too just like they do. Don’t you think that would be hot as hell? We could even do a roleplay phone sex call where you are my John and I am your whore. I mean, after all, I am your whore anyway over the phone when you are paying for me to please you even though you are pleasing me as well. Call me now.

prostitution phone sex

Gang Bang Phone Sex with Marlene Star


Let me tell you about my Gang Bang Phone Sex fantasies.I posted an ad in the newspaper today looking for at least twenty men to do some work on my house. They are all going to be I told them that I wanted them to be in complete control. They could do anything they wanted to me. There would be no limits at all. As long as they promised to each have a turn with me. To make sure all my holes were filled with cum and to not leave any hole out.


They all agreed, I stood up and took all my clothes off and then got on my hands and knees in doggy style position I figured it would be the best position to be in for them to be able to get to all my holes. They all stood up and pulled their cocks out. Within a few seconds, I had each one of my holes filled with cocks, and soon all my holes had cum inside of them.

One by one they kept switching in and out until was so full of their cum and then they did not stop there, though. They wanted to give me one last nasty fucking time before they all left they ordered me to my knees and they made a big circle around me and jacked off and when they were ready to cum they shot it on my face, in my hair, and my mouth. Anywhere they wanted too as long as I was a cum filled slut I did not care at all.Cum Slut Phone Sex is the best.


You are in for a surprise though since I was looking for Gang Bang Phone Sex. They all show up within minutes apart. They were all trying to figure out why I had each one of them just waiting. Once all of them were there I told them what I placed the ad for. I figured some of them would leave when I said it. But, they all just looked at one another and started saying they were down for it.

gang bang phone sex

Shemale Phone Sex with


Even though I am a Shemale Phone Sex girl I love women! I know most people say that we like men. But, I love women as well as men. I love to lay a woman down on her back and lick her pussy and suck her clit. I love to reach up and rub her clit and make it nice and hard. When that is done I love to work my way up and suck on her nipples making sure they are nice and hard. I know that usually makes them nice and wet. I love a wet pussy.

I can never resist a hot wet pussy. I love to go down there and lick and suck until I get myself some Squirting Phone Sex fun going on. I make sure to lick up all the juices. I then love to take her legs up over my shoulders and fucking pound that fucking cunt away until I feel her squirt on me even more. After that, I go back down there and lick and clean all her juices up there too. Most women love us especially the lesbians because they love tits, ass and big dicks.


Do you think you can handle a big dick phone sex girl like me? I hope so cause I will rock your world and make you my little slut! Do you think you can handle me? Now don’t get me wrong here I love to fuck men hard in their asses too. I will pound them away and make them my little fucking slut. Are you going to call me right now so we can fuck hard tonight? I promise you and I will have so much fun you are going to be my fucking little slut. Now bend over and be ready for my cock tonight.


Orgasm Denial Phone Sex With Mistress Miranda

orgasm denial phone sex


I think it’s time to put your self-restraint to the ultimate test by making you my next victim for some orgasm denial phone sex! Let’s see how long you can stand that cock of yours being milked to the brink of cumming. Then stopping just before you’re put over the edge!

Even pure pleasure can be turned into cruel torture when you deny the satisfaction of allowing someone to cum. The very thought of being pleasured over and over without the ability to cum is enough to drive any person mad! You’d be surprised how helpless and desperate a man can become when they’re not allowed to cum. They turn themselves into a slave phone sex to their sexual urges to the point where they’d do anything asked of them if it means they get to cum.


So you’ll always have the upper hand in this situation all you need now is the unlucky sucker looking for cum denial phone sex! So now I know that is what you want to pick the phone up and be ready to take the test. Do you remember the last time you were tortured? Maybe even denied anything that your heart desired? I hope so because that is exactly what is going to happen to you. I will have your fucking world going around and around wondering what I am going to do with you. Hell, I may not even ever let you cum! Do you really think that you should ever be allowed too? Now pick the fucking phone up right now and let’s get this humiliating phone call going for you! Remember if you can not handle a bitch like me! Then it is best you do not pick that phone up, slave!

orgasm denial phone sex

Pain Slut Phone Sex with Jania storm

pain slut phone sex


Hi pain slut phone sex slut, I did something for you. It took me a while and I had to be real careful. But I grew my nails out real long just like you like them. That way I can scratch my nails over your skin. My long nails can dig into your back making long claw marks. I can tease your cock with my nail tips and not have a bit of skin touch you. I can slide my nail into your piss hole a good 2 inches just like you always wanted me to try.

I know you can’t wait to feel my long nails scratching your skin and leaving trails of sharp sweet pain. You know how dangerous nails can be and the risk is so hot knowing I have lethal nails that could slice you up trailing gently on your cock. I love the way just the idea of my long nails makes you start leaking. I am so glad I grew them out for you. I know you love the pain that it makes you feel while I am doing it to you.

Look at the tears in your eyes as you cry begging me to stop. At the same time, you are wanting me to keep pressing harder because you get pleasure from all this pain. I will not stop doing this to you as it gives me pleasure as well. I love making you suffer and plead for mercy from me. I use my other hand to wrap around your cock and stroke it hard over and over again until you cum all inside of my hand. Now you are my little pain bitch! Now give me that cum! Naughty boy! Call me now let’s have some fun I will be waiting!

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Cross-Dressing Phone Sex with Micha Stone

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.You have a determined look on your face. I am also determined to find just the right person to share my evening with. Then I spent a long while getting ready for this shemale phone sex session.  I am a cross-dressing expert and I picked just the perfect lingerie and skirt to show off my surprise package. You see me at the bar across the room your heart speeds up a little as you see me cross my long shapely legs, and I meet your eyes with a seductive smile.


My eyes follow you as you move through the crowded room, I am able to tell that your cock is already getting very hard at the thought of bending me over and making me scream. You sit down beside me, buy me a drink and begin to run your hand up the inside of my thigh and just as you hoped, you find an equally hard cock hidden between my soft white thighs. That grin on your face and the hard bulge of your cock let me know that we are both in for a great time.


I hope you want to call and play out the rest of this fantasy with me. Call me for this and any other kinky phone sex you might have in mind. Maybe you like cross-dressing too? I have been dressing as a woman for years. I have the most beautiful perky little tits and I know how to show them off. You can have the best of both worlds with me; a great pair of tits, and under this silky dress the sexiest lingerie and a cock that just won’t quit. We can dream up some steamy crossdressing phone sex and cum together with a big bang!

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Naughty Neihhbor Phone Sex

 orgasm denial phone sex



Naughty neighbor phone sex, I have the hottest neighbours ever. He came over and fucked me last week. But now that his wife’s been around a lot more he tells me that he can’t do it anymore. That he has to resist me because he doesn’t want his wife finding out. Do you think that a hot bitch like me is kind of that I can accept that I don’t believe?

The next morning I went outside, and my tank top and booty shorts turned the water on. Washing the car and sprayed my body with the hose, and you can see right through my shirt. And I’m sure it didn’t help you could already see my panties because I had little booty shorts on. my wet. I can see you looking at my beautiful tits. I’ll suck on nipples through my shirt, and you want them right now.I knew he wanted to reason I should have read that and then begin sucking on my nipples but he couldn’t because his wife is home we run around to the other side of the car where he leaned down where nobody could see him and begin by pulling down my booty shorts and taking his time and start to filter it on my clit and then sucking on it as he was fingering my pussy he did it for so long until I came all over his.


He stood up after he was done, and I can’t let him go home with such a hard throbbing cock so I grabbed it and pulled it out of his pants and I started to stroke it then when I made sure his wife wasn’t looking I drop to my knees and suck that big bad boy off until he exploded in my mouth I heard his wife calling out he just told her to hold on he was helping me do something with my car. Got up and I wiped my mouth off. I saw her mouth open wide I knew that she knew that I was sucking her husband’s cock. He had just come all over my face. Let’s just say he went home to the hell with a smile on his face and of course a very pissed-off wife but who cares right it’s all about me.

naughty neighbor phone sex

Daddy Daughter Phone Sex with Georgette Ellie

naughty neighbor phone sex

My dad just loves to cozy up to me and make me his favorite little pet for Daddy Daughter Phone Sex. I love to be that one little girl of his! Daddy makes feel so special.He loves doing those dirty, forbidden things to my young little body. These tiny, tight butt cheeks are just perfect for Daddy to spread apart for his huge man cock to fit into my tiny tight asshole.

I promised him I would lay very still and not tell anyone. I just listen to his every instruction and never question him because I know that Daddy knows best and really just wants the best for me even if it means popping my cherry before some pervert from school does.

Daddy will put his special big rod inside me and he will make my pussy cum over and over. As he dumps his own cum deep inside me. I just love cleaning up the juices that he and I make together. Then I will clean it with my sweet little mouth and hot wet tongue. I bet you wonder what one of the best parts of being his special little princess is? It is that I know Daddy will buy me anything I want! Well as long as I am his very best girl. That’s why I am always ready to do what Daddy says whenever he calls me. So, now are you going to be my daddy today and call me! So I can have you give me and buy me anything I want. How I want it just like the little princess that I am? I hope so cause your little girl is waiting and ready to have some fun with you. Daddy’s little princess is so happy to be your little girl! Call me lets have some fun!

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Lesbian Phone Sex with Rayleen



I have to tell you about the dream I had all about Lesbian Phone Sex So okay, here I was at the bar. I was sipping on my mojito, checking out a few much older men across the room. When this woman comes up and sits beside me. She was gorgeous, but I was not interested in being with a woman. I just never found women to be attractive or sexy to me. But she certainly had it in for me. She was all over me giggling and whispering naughtiness.


I guess I was slipped something in my drink because, after a while, she had me on the dance floor. Bumping and grinding against my pussy. I knew I would be in trouble when I looked at her chest and fell in love with Big Tits Phone Sex. I was so jealous of how big her tits were compared to mine. Just wanted to touch them, I wanted to feel her nipples fill my mouth. Right there on the dance floor, I didn’t care who watched me.

Putting my mouth on her neck, I started to suck gently. Yea baby, I am not lesbian but I wanted her mouth all over me. She took me by the hand and drug me to the bathroom. Pushed me up against the wall and ripped my panties down. She slammed her fingers into my really wet pussy and finger fucked me till I was squirting all over her hands and face. Then she took her panties down and pushed my mouth against her hairy cunt. Oh man, the feeling of a clit in my mouth. I had never known such joy til now. I knew I would be in trouble in this Lesbian Phone Sex Dream

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Age Play Phone Sex

age play phone sex

Okay daddy, its time for you to call me for age play phone sex. Don’t think I don’t see you sneaking a peek at me while I am in the bathtub. Do you enjoy your little underage daughter’s sweet bald cunt and flat little chest splashing in the bathtub? Why don’t you come in and wash me up, daddy? I won’t tell mommy when you reach down and wash my little clitty. Tug on my clitty with your fingers and give me chills all over.


Maybe you can get into the bath with me to daddy. Climb in naked and let me wash down that big daddy cock. Do you enjoy feeling your paedophile cock being stroked by tiny hands? My tiny voice will have you precumming in my hands in no time daddy. Let me jerk you while you finger me in the bathtub. Oh, I love age play phone sex with my dirty old daddies. It will always be our little secret every time we play. Pull me on to you daddy. Spread my legs and wrap them around your waist.


Feel your paedophile cock pressing against my pussy daddy. My tight little hole is aching for you to push into me. Please daddy, my clit is on fire. I am so wet and horny for my daddy’s cock. Push into me daddy, slide deep into me and hold it there! I want to feel the head of your cock pushing into my underage pussy. Feel the head of your cock pushing against my little cervix. Are you getting close daddy? To blowing inside of your daughter’s cunt. I want you to empty that baby batter deep into me daddy. Cum inside of your age plays phone sex princess tonight!

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